Got wasted last night and now you do not feel well?! Probably you are regretting the drinks you had and do not know what to do. Stay still, we have solution for your situation! We have listed a few advises in order to beat quickly a hangover.

  • Do not drink on an empty stomach.

Full stomach slows the absorption of alcohol. Good foods to eat are those that are easy to digest. Toast, sandwiches, pasta and yogurt are foods that protect that layer lining the stomach. Cannot take foods that are rich or of processed sugar.


  • Take some supplements to regular diet

Antioxidants are particularly good for eliminating the damage caused by alcohol and to protect your liver. They also help brain cells to be excessive consumption of alcohol during the weekend does not destroy completely. They are found in green leafy vegetables and fruits. Make sure that you enter substantial amounts of vitamins a, c and e of those days that precede the big night out, because they break down alcohol in the body.


  • Drink plenty of water.

Before you go to sleep force yourself to drink half a liter of water to prevent dehydration. This will also help your body to get rid of the toxin acetaldehyde, which is released by the liver during alcohol degradation. This is the toxin that causes dehydration and leads to headaches, from which his head. Water and fruit juice in the morning after a heavy night will help to balance blood sugar levels and to restore fluid.


  • Eat something healthy in the morning after a stormy night.

Although you can eat eggs with bacon or sausage, but the easiest is saved, even though you want as soon as possible to satisfy the hunger, be careful what you choose to eat. Your goal should be to stabilize blood sugar levels, so you should eat small portions, but often. Consider fruit juice, toast and honey, oatmeal or cereal.


  • Take some medicine

Analgesics taken with food can help you with headaches, but do not take them at bedtime because at that point the levels of alcohol in the blood is too high. If you take them with nothing it will irritate your gut. It is proven to be colorful and artichoke thistle helps protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol and alleviating hangover, by speeding up the breakdown of alcohol in the body.


  • Drink something

Raw eggs, when ingested even cynical you well because it contains a substance known as cysteine, which helps the metabolism of alcohol.


  • Sip a carbonated diet drink

Another remedy for anguish is to drink non-carbonated cola. It is claimed that calms the stomach and release the nausea. Carbonated diet drinks can also help to settle the stomach or avoid the non-diet ones because the sugar contained in them even more upset your blood sugar.


  • Be honest with yourself when you wonder why you are suffering from a hangover.

Cannot have fun without alcohol? Are you sure of that, or maybe you just forgot how to really have fun without one or more drinks. Keep in mind that the best way to entertain the day after the release is to not overdo it. If you drink apparently due to the company, be honest and do not lie to yourself. Will your friends really know whether you have the strength?


  • Give yourself time to overcome

The best medicine in the world is to rest and avoid alcohol the next few days. This will allow your body to get rid of excess alcohol that rips through your digestive system. Eat healthy and get enough sleep at night, and you will feel good the morning after.