People often consciously or unconsciously choose food that positively affect mood and cause depression. Although, the food in most cases a person that chooses to taste, and other criteria, very often it is done on the basis of his/her sentiment. It is generally known that the mood of the bars of chocolate, an ice cream and other foods that contain sugar and caffeine.


How food affects mood

If you do not know the reason for your bad mood or depression, look for it in your diet. It is possible that the lack of some food or substances from certain foods affect your bad mood. In the article we listed food supplies/ingredients. They are thought to have common lack of impact on the mood swings and depression.


Food for winter melancholy

With the arrival of winter, come and gray days of winter, which is melancholy. This seasonal mood disorder corroborated the theory that lack of light affects the brains of individuals, which have biological predispositions and cause winter depression or melancholy. These people, during the winter period are importing into their system increased amount of sugar and starchy foods and to where it acts as an antidepressant. This kind of food has a positive effect on people suffering from winter depression, such as after eating them become more cheerful and lively.

People who are not prone to melancholy winter, usually carbohydrates – sugar and starchy foods, leads to their bad attention and less energetic. If the people who are prone to winter melancholy refrain intake of sugar and starch that they will further intensify the crisis. Replacement for sugar, can be complex carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, crackers or vegetables, preferably beans. These foods also help but have a slower effect than sugar.


  • Caffeine
    • – It has the ability to improve mood and works on the psyche. Caffeine is the most commonly used anti-morning grumpiness, as a stimulant in the afternoon and evening, returning the working capacity, as well as to relieve chronic low mood or depression. It works better mood, reduces stress and improves mental ability, especially in people who are prone to its consumption. Also, this is a mild antidepressant, which is taken for centuries and there is no danger of it that harms the body in limited quantities. Excessive doses of caffeine can impair mood, disrupt sleep and cause anxiety, but it depends on individual tolerance and the amount of consummation of this substance. It is advisable that the optimal daily dose of coffee, depending on the person is approximately from 2-4 cups. Foods rich in caffeine as coffee, green tea, and cola drinks.


  • Selenium
    • – Selenium deficiency causes anxiety, depression and fatigue. It can affect our mood. When you make up that small drawback, the mood returns, and taking selenium in large quantities, does not give a greater effect. Food with the highest concentration of selenium are cereals, seafood and meat. Food from the sea has a positive effect on mood. Fish feeds the brain and stimulates mental ability. The richest food selenium is Brazil nuts. Consummation of once a day, this nut, it compensates for a lack of selenium. Also, is not advised nor excessive consumption of up to 5 nuts per day because beyond that is already too much selenium concentration, but it can be toxic in large quantities. Food rich in selenium are Brazil nuts, tuna, sunflower seeds, white bread, oat bran, wheat flakes and chicken liver.


  • Garlic
    • – has positive effect on blood cholesterol. People who consume it feel significantly better, which has a positive effect on mood. It removes fatigue, tension, sensitivity, restlessness and irritability. Garlic has a positive effect on the general condition of the body.


  • Chili peppers
    • – contain an ingredient capsaicin, which gives the anger. This ingredient has the effect, so that the brain stimulates endorphin rush and creates a temporary feeling of elation. When consumption because of anger, the brain secretes natural painkillers – endorphins, which create a good mood. This is because capsaicin burn nerve endings in the mouth. They send the brain a false signal for pain and for this reason the brain secretes endorphins. People use the hot sauce just because it improves your mood.


  • Spinach and beans
    •  – is rich in folic acid, the lack of which causes depression. By eliminating this deficiency, decrease or eliminate bad mood and depression. Folic acid deficiency in the long term causes insomnia, forgetfulness, and irritability. Her consummation causes these problems to disappear. Also high doses of folic acid may be toxic.

The food is next to godliness, so you try to be as diverse diet to make up for the lack of food and time to repair the mood.