The reason why you should not squeeze pimples is that every time you deliberately do not shoot your skin, there is a risk that you will make the scar or get an infection through a crack in the skin. In addition, the pressing of the pimples are forcing liquid comprising the bacteria to penetrate through the layers of healthy skin surrounding the spots and thus spread the infection.

If you do not want to wait for the Mount Everest on your forehead burst of myself, in this article you will find out the safest way to squeeze a pimple. Please note that the following steps are specific to ulcerated pimples with a white tip.


How to “squeeze” pimples

Wash your hands thoroughly, especially under the fingernails. We will try to avoid that your fingers and nails actually touch the pimple, but if it does happen, they must be kept clean to avoid likely to irritate your skin or get an infection.

Clean the skin around the pimple antibacterial cleaner. When juicing pimple, you create an opening in the skin paving the way for the entry of bacteria. Pimple it out faster if you do not allow bacteria to settle in the skin and infect it. Also, this way you will remove grease, sweat, dirt and makeup.


Gently rub the pimple peeling. It will soften and remove dead skin cells. The smaller, the easier you squeeze, a pimple skin will be less irritated. However, this is not a job for rough sponges that will damage the skin and possibly broach pimple creating greater chances of infection and scarring. Take plain cotton cloth and moisten the anti-acne preparations with salicylic acid as the active ingredient that removes dead skin cells. Gently rub pimple or two minutes.


Put on disposable gloves or cover forefingers handkerchiefs. Not only will you make in this way a barrier between the remaining bacteria on your fingers (as well as under the nails) and your skin but will prevent sharp edges nail squeezes a pimple. The pressure on the pimple that forms nails is unnecessary, especially if you stick to our guidelines. Or, use a clean small device with a bandage on top to remove blackheads and slurry that will create pressure evenly around the edges where the pimples on the need, but not in areas where unnecessary pressure only caused pain and bruising. (Since the top of reconciliation slightly tapered, be careful not to push too hard.)


Find the center of pimples (highest point) and place the index finger equal on both sides. Instead of pushing your fingers as it does most people, stretch the skin. After you previously rubbed peeling should be easily stretched and let the pus come out. Then massage the skin around the pimple to encourage the rest of the manure to get out, but do not touch the pimple itself, unless you want to remove manure. In any case, should not lead to bleeding. If there is blood, too pinch and created a wound that can leave a scar.


Clean the area with antiseptic solution. And keep in mind that it is important that the bacteria can penetrate through the opening in the skin.

Apply composition with benzoyl peroxide directly to the pimple (around it). In this way you will remove all the bacteria contained within acne.

Warning: Never attempt to treat the cystic acne. They are deep, painful, hard pimples that occur in people with severe acne. Cysts should be treated by professional medical staff.