Here comes the summer along with the nice weather, but with that nice weather come the annoying monsters such as flies and mosquitoes. In addition it can be so very annoying flies can cause many problems, especially when it comes to contaminate your food. Although ordinary house fly does not bite humans, contamination of food can transmit diseases such as salmonella, malaria and tuberculosis. Fruit flies are small, but they can lay about 500 eggs on the surface of your food. Prevention and preventing fly to even get into your home is just as important as their expulsion. Flies can be solved in several ways: you can create traps for flies, and you can buy them in the store.

Creating traps for flies from household supplies

Set the trap with a detergent for dishes

– in plain empty jar to about 3 cm height of dish washing detergent and the same amount of water. Detergent will attract flies, which will then drown in the water. Much better results you will have if you use a dishwashing liquid that has a fruity fragrance, for example, apple or lemon.


Make a natural means of protection against flies

– Flies escape the smell of spicy pepper. Take a spray bottle and make it a mix of water and a little spicy cayenne pepper, and shake well to. This naturally means spray the doors and ceilings, windows and other openings which flies can enter. The smell of spicy cayenne pepper would be to keep the flies at bay from your home.


Plant plants that are reflective to flies

– Flies do not tolerate lavender, basil and mint (peppermint). Plant the plants in the garden under the window (if you live in the house) or in pots to be mounted on the window. If you do not want to plant herbs, for some ornamental flowers, it is best to plant marigold, because he refuses to fly.


Outsmart flies with plastic bags full of water

– How the bag full of water reflects light reminiscent of spider webs and flies will try to avoid the peak. It’s very simple. Fill a simple, transparent bag with water, tie a knot at the top and hang it near a door or window. For this purpose, you can use an old CD or DVD, because similarly reflect light.


Get rid of flies’ commercial traps for flies

Buy duct tape for flies

– This trap the flies can be found in almost every store. You just need to hang the tape where there is a fly, and they will stick to the paper one after another, unable to fly further. When the bar a lot purchases flies remove it and replace with a new one. Not only that the strip is full of flies lose efficiency, it is not a pretty sight to watch.

Buy UV lamp for flies

– If you have just a lot of problems with flies, consider buying these special lamps that will keep not only flies, but the mosquitoes away from your home. Many restaurants use these devices. They are very effective. The only drawback is that when a mosquito or a fly come into contact with this lamp it crackles, and thus do not scare me when that happens, it is quite normal.


Other prevention:

All the garbage in the house hold closed

– Flies go around the trash, especially if it has some leftover food, so certainly do not hold the bags, buckets and sacks of garbage open.

Take fruits and vegetables before they spoil and become inedible – Whenever you fruits and vegetables do not stick to the table in the kitchen, but in the fridge. If long standing uneaten and began to spoil, you are sure that you will not eat it, throw it. Do not keep it just to gather flies.


Maintain hygiene of your home

– Regularly clean floors, tables and worktops. Do not leave crumbs on the table after a meal.

Keep windows and doors closed – on those windows often open for ventilation of the house set the network to prevent pre-entry is not only flies, but any insect.