Gout, also known as arthritis or crystalline-induced arthritis, is one of the oldest known diseases.
In the 17th century, the spread of gout in the UK took almost epidemic proportions. The disease was almost exclusively attacking the rich layer of society and nobility, so it was also called the disease of kings.
Gout is a good example of illness associated with improper diet and excessive alcohol consumption.
Sometimes the gout was very painful, but today it is simply controlled by proper treatment and nutrition.

Gout is an inflammation of the joints (arthritis) caused by the deposition of uric acid crystals in the joints. Symptoms are sudden attacks of severe pain, redness, and swelling of the joints. Oatmeal, butter, scallops, pomegranates, bellies or breasts, chamomile, scallops and bark choirs will stimulate the kidneys to work and improve the urine excretion, and with it will remove the surplus of the uric acid from the blood.

Symptoms of gout are redness, sensitivity, sudden attacks of severe pain, heat and swelling of individual joints. Most often only one wrist is hit, especially the wrist of the thumb. The whole leg, knee, entire arm, wrist or elbow can be affected. Urinary tract nasal can occur as bruises on the skin around the joints and at the edges of the ears.
This is a very complex disease, so the quest for the right medication can be long lasting.
However, to treat it you do not have to use medical medicines that can have a serious side effect.

The good news is that with proper diet, exercise, selected herbs and natural nutrition supplements you can prevent or completely cure arthritis.

How and why the disease occurs

The first, biggest and main culprit is a diet too rich in proteins and protein. Too much meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, eggs and possibly legumes in our bloodstream introduces these proteins as amino acids. All excess amino acids are metabolized by purine and pyrimidine into urates, crystals that are deposited in small joints and naturally cause inflammation and severe pain.

In the normal state of the body, uric acid is disrupted in the blood and eliminated by urine.
If the body increases uric acid production or if kidneys do not eliminate enough uric acid from the body, its blood concentration increases. This condition is called hyperuricemia.
When uric acid crystals are produced as a result of hyperuricemia, gout may develop.
Apart from improper eating and excessive alcohol consumption, gout can cause …

– Kidney damage that can prevent the normal removal of uric acid
– Heart attack and high blood pressure medications
– Blood and blood vessels, psoriasis and certain types of cancer
– Genetic defects in metabolism that cause hyperproliferation and uric acid retention

The disease will further aggravate the lack of movement with consequent weaker circulation. Insufficient fluid intake makes it difficult for kidney work, blood filtration and no urination will be enough to exclude excess uric acid. Therefore, it is important to take enough liquid, the best is a healing tea in an amount of one to two liters per day.

Therapy with healing herbs

A proper choice of natural products is of great help in treating gout.
These plants favorably affect kidney function, prevent kidney infections, normalize metabolism and induce uric acid secretion from the body.

Burdock (Arctium lappa)
Burdock has long been used to preserve the urinary system health.
Recent studies have shown that it is effective against bacteria Proteus mirabilis.
This bacterium causes infections of the wound and lung inflammation and binds to the appearance of kidney stones.
Burdock root contains large amounts of inulin, phenolic compounds, fatty acids, phosphoric acid, tannic acid and other organic acids.
It promotes urinary excretion and cleanses the blood. Since ancient times it has been used as a narcotic agent against gout.


Due to its anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric is often used in natural products for the treatment of arthritis. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in numerous studies.
Curcumin – the main active ingredient in turmeric – volunteers effectively alleviate morning stiffness and swelling of joints.
Twelve hundred mg Curcumin acts equally on arthritis as a 300 milligrams of an anti-inflammatory drug phenylbutazone.

Estragon (Artemisia dracunculus)

Estragon is often used as a spice in the household but is also known as a medicinal herb.
It is well known for its active components – coumarin, flavonoids, phenols, carboxylic acids and essential oils.
In folk medicine, it is used to treat many problems – from headaches and excessive blood clotting to liver disease and metabolic disorders.
It has been scientifically proven that estragon oil contains highly medicinal substances which, by means of synergistic action, prevent the growth of bacteria E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.
It is a very good diuretic and helps greatly in insufficient kidney secretion.
It promotes urinary excretion, helps in overcoming bladder and kidney activity.

Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

The Black elderberry has been known since Roman times. Numerous studies have shown its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

Due to the presence of bioflavonoids, the extract of this plant prevents the growth of bacteria, among others, e. Coli, which is one of the causes of urinary tract infections.
This is one of the best natural antirheumatics. S.I.P.F. – extract of blackcurrant for oral use, and as a gel for application on painful joints.
Both are very effective in suppressing and relieving the problems of people with rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory joint diseases.

Flux (Calluna vulgaris)

Flux is a tool that has been used for years to cleanse the blood, treat kidney stones and gout.
It contains polyphenols, triterpenes, and ursolic acid, which have an antioxidant effect.
Thanks to its antibacterial, antiseptic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory activity, it is used in the treatment of urinary tract problems and inflammatory processes in the body.


It has been used for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of various rheumatic diseases and muscle and skeletal disorders.
Ginger is far more valuable than conventional corticosteroid anti-inflammatory drugs, which can have serious side effects.
Ginger prevents the formation of inflammatory substances of prostaglandin and leukotriene, breaks up inflammatory fluid and acid in the joints and does not create any side effects.

Nettle leaf

It has anti-rheumatic and diuretic action and stimulates the stinging of the bile. It is officially approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis, either as a stand-alone drug or as an adjunct to therapy.
Tincture or infusion of leaf buds is considered to be the best means of augmenting uric acid secretion and are therefore an ideal remedy for gout.
It is used for several months, without pausing up to half a year. Always take fresh preparations.

Meadowsweet plant

Its properties eliminate pain and inflammation such as aspirin and analgesics.
It is especially recommended as a diuretic for the excretion of fluid that accumulates in the joints as a result of inflammation.
It stimulates the elimination of liquids and toxic substances in obesity and cellulite. Using the meadowsweet plant increases the chances of curing or alleviation.

Goosegrass (Polygonum aviculare)

Goosegrass is a plant that has been used by many peoples around the world to treat health problems.
Among other things, it has a beneficial effect on kidney function and is used in the treatment of gout.
It contains a whole range of active medicinal substances: flavonoids (avicularin, chemopherol, quercetin and miricetin), caffeine, chlorogenic, coumarin and gallic acid and vitamin C.

Other medicinal herbs

In the treatment of arthritis, take as many plants and foods as possible, which are analgesic, diuretic and alleviating.
These are, first of all, garlic, angelica, green anise, artichokes, velvet, various, raspberry, scallops, chamomile, peppers, strawberries, red currants, lavender, pomegranates, Meats, chubby, sage, thyme, spore, horseradish, onion.

Controlled diet
In almost 10% of cases, arthritis occurs as an allergic reaction to food. The main culprits for this are cereals with gluten and dairy products.
If you suffer from gout, it can help these simple guidelines.
Avoid foods rich in purines, heavy and greasy foods, carbonated drinks, coffee, and alcohol.
In non-purine diets, it is forbidden to consume meat products and fish, fatty foods, rich purine vegetables (cauliflower, mushrooms, beans, peas, barley, asparagus), full dairy products, coffee, chocolate, and alcohol.
Consume more raw fruits and vegetables, avoid quick and processed food.
Excess pounds favors the development of gout. Through diet control and regular exercise, try to achieve your optimum weight.
Many people found relief from arthritis in vegetarian diets, and one of the more famous Dong diets.
It bans all foods with high inflammatory factors – meat, tomatoes, dairy products, peppers, alcohol, spicy spices and chemical additives, especially sodium glutamate.
On the other hand, some food ingredients, especially omega 3 fatty acids, can regulate the hormones, which keep them under the control of inflammation, pain and other arthritic symptoms.
So treat yourself to treating arthritis symptoms by eating anti-inflammatory food, which acts as a medicine.

Exercise for arthritis

The best physical activity for people with arthritis are walking, cycling, swimming, yoga and tai chi.
Perform the exercises with extensive motion, strength training, and cardio exercise.
Do not be afraid of movement if you have arthritis, the thing to fear is little moving!
Reasons why you should exercise if you have arthritis:

– You strengthen the muscles around the joints
– You improve bone strength
– You increase power and energy
– You sleep better
– Improving your circulation
– You maintain optimal weight
– Improving the mood and general health of your body

If you have arthritis, do not be left to fate. Arthritis is curable, as evidenced by the thousands of people that had cured in a natural way. Arm yourself with natural remedies and go fight this nasty illness!