Believe it or not, 18-year-old from Mexico has left scientists speechless with his latest invention – a bra that has the ability to detect symptoms of breast cancer. Student Julian Rios Cantu won the first prize at the “Global Student Entrepreneurial Awards” (Global Student Entrepreneur Awards – GSEA) for his design, which hopes to help women around the world to detect cancer before it becomes dangerous to their life.

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy disease of women in the modern world, but if it is detected early, has a survival rate of nearly 100-percent. Even though, many women forget to do self-examination that can early detection.

It is manifested by the appearance of new lesions in the breast area. The tumor cells can be separated from breast tumors and through the blood or lymph, they reach the distal parts of the body, where they stop and begin to grow and multiply, or create a new tumor. Then, we are talking about the emergence of transplant or metastasis or metastatic breast cancer. The most common breast cancer metastases are liver, lung, bone, brain and lymph nodes.

Almost half of women who develop breast cancer develop metastatic disease. Also, breast cancer is highly represented among the causes of death in women. This has become a public health problem and major efforts are being made in early detection of this disease and its treatment.

Bra called EVA is equipped with 200 biosensors followed any kind of changes in temperature, weight, and shape of the breast – all potential indicators of breast cancer. For example, if it detects excessive heat in the breast, it may suggest an increased blood flow in the area, probably due to tumor growth.

“At the same moment as you have breast malformation or some tumor swirling increased amount of blood and thus increases their temperature,” explained Cantu.

The best part is that the bra mustn’t be worn 24/7 to run. It is enough for only one hour a week, because the breast will be constantly in the same position, and thus can easily detect any change.

His inspiration came from very personal reason. The young scientist says his mother suffered from cancer and had to remove the breast to save her life is the reason why he decided to do something like this. The doctor who examined his mother told her that the lumps she had weren’t malignant but he made a mistake. When she took her second mammography, after six months, it was discovered that the lumps were actually cancerous so she had to do a surgery and have her both breasts removed.

Julian did some research about the disease and its ongoing diagnostic practice, he came up with this design, filed for a patent and then he brought together some friends to help him with his work and he started with making his invention into a real product with a hope that it will help with saving many lives. The hope is that the product will be for sale on the market in a time of the next year.

In the following video it has explained how the bra EVA works:

He beat 13 other young entrepreneurs who participated in the competition and took home a prize of $ 20,000. It still does not know whether to invest money in further developing a bra, but many people are hoping that a large company will notice this invention and invest in it – if it can save lives, definitely worth it!