You must know at least one person in your life that is rarely when or never is ill. On the other hand, there are people who get sick very often.

In addition to the weak immunity and genetic predisposition, there are also some things that can affect your health. Are you wondering what are the habits of people who are almost never sick or what they do differently, we share some of their secrets with you:

Vitamin C

Consume more vitamin C in your daily course especially when it is autumn or winter. It is great for strengthening immunity, and most of it is in citrus and green leafy vegetables.

Try to sleep more

Good quality sleep is a prerequisite for good health. Research has confirmed that healthy people sleep between 8 and 10 hours each night, and experts agree that a quality dream is a key to strengthening the immune system.

Do not think about the disease

Healthy people never think about illness, while people with lower immune status often complain that the season of the virus, flu, and cold is coming, and they are convinced that they will be sick. That’s a matter of positive thinking.

Avoid stress

Stress is a trigger of many diseases, and although it is almost impossible to avoid it today, try to minimize it. Learn how to manage stress as well as how to avoid it. Dance,  doing meditation or yoga are just some of the activities that can help you manage a stressful way of life in your life.

Wash your hands often

Washing the hand is the basis of any hygiene. So wash your hands very often, especially if you are moving to places where many people are moving. The quake, handrails, public transport are just some of the examples that have accumulated a million different bacteria that can cause various diseases. So let your hygiene always be in the first place. It would be good to always carry wet wipes or hand disinfectants for cases where you are not able to wash your hands.

Exercise more

Exercise is another of the prerequisites of a healthy lifestyle, strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of various respiratory infections. So include exercise in your routine if you want to improve your health or even download a few pounds of surplus.

Take a rest

Overweight and excessive work can lead to a weakening of the immune system, thereby increasing the chances of various diseases. Therefore, you have to give yourself away from time to time and rest