Times are changing, and we expect much more from the relationship today, and often we are looking for some of the almost impossible things from partners. Because of the growing need, demand, and desire, conflicts increasingly occur in relationships that, if not resolved in time, can lead to problems that will ultimately result in termination or divorce. No wonder that every third marriage ends today with a divorce.

Discussions on certain topics that your opinions differ with your partner are never pleasant to any side, but with little attention, you can make them much more enjoyable and less fierce. Counselor for Relations and Psychotherapist Terri Orbuch reveals several very important tips on how to deal with martial conflicts…

Carefully choose your words

As you conduct a conversation with a partner, do not want to quarrel, you should carefully choose your words. Namely, often when we are in the middle of fierce discussion we say something that we are sorry for later. So think carefully about everything you will say when you talk to a serious partner and avoid using words like ‘always’ or ‘never’. With such irrefutable words of a partner, bring an unprecedented situation where he will only retire or become even more upset.

Address the problem

The next time you want to talk to your partner about something that’s nervous, start talking over the phone, mail or message. Tell him what you want to talk about and how you feel about it. Then ask him if you can talk about what is bothering you after coming home or another day of the week. In this way, he prepares to talk and have time to think about everything, so a discussion will not be as flamboyant as you would have been if you caught him unprepared for such conversations.

Do not put your arguments in your bedroom

Conflicts in the bedroom, especially before sleep, should be avoided, so keep that in mind and do not start serious conversations with your partner while in bed. Your bedroom should be a neutral zone. Whether you want to have a sex-related sex, just say how sorry you are or how you can deal with your behavior


Each marriage / relationship requires factor “X”! Do not think you’re different…

Here are some great ideas to do so with little effort and mutual desire. Take advantage of the suggestions we offer you at least once a week and your relationship or marriage will be happier…

  1. Surprise your partner with a simple, intimate dinner (can only be a drink) when you can relax and talk in peace.
  2. Kiss your partner spontaneously and passionately.
  3. Go to bed together every night.
  4. Cuddle while watching television together, massage your feet, etc.
  5. Send to your partner’s message that you love him/her, without any reason.
  6. Every night before bed, tell something nice about each other and about the previous day.
  7. Kiss and hug before going to work and returning home.
  8. Settle on the day of the week and the time reserved for you only.
  9. Begin the fight with tapping.
  10. Dress up your sexy nightdress or underwear once a week, or be naked and sleep in it.
  11. Praise your partner in front of his / her friends.
  12. Do something spontaneously. Together you do some things, so stay on a meal, drink, or sit at a nice place beside the river, lake, sea…
  13. Shower together.
  14. Plan a trip with the children that you will devote to them and to each other.
  15. Sleep together longer and when you wake up, drink coffee in bed, have breakfast in bed and do not forget about sex.