Conventional theory is that men are not exactly romantic, but they like to be showered with attention and tenderness. With the next 10 romantic little things will make you partner fall again in love with you.

  1. Change your style

It is known that men are visual types, so you can achieve the “wow” effect with clothing for his taste. When he is commenting on how good a tight blouse looks good on you, wear it with skinny jeans and boots. Or take him shopping, or so at least once he chooses what he would like to see on you, starting with underwear.

  1. Use your hands

It’s not about sex or massage (although would not mind), but just about touching and showing physical affection in your daily lives. Holding hands when you walk down the street or playing with your feet on the couch will remind him that you like his body. If you decide to explore every part, go ahead…

  1. Send him out with the boys

Time with his friends is important for him as is for you to mingle with your friends. If you confess to him, in his eyes you will be independent, confident, sexy woman. Leave it to occasionally to go out. This means that you have a free evening for a relaxing bath and watch movies of your choice, consider it a bonus.

  1. Leave him a seductive message

Of course, that man wants to hear that you love and that you miss him. Leave a short but sweet message in a briefcase or a send a short SMS or an e-mail while he is at work, only to tell him to look forward to what you will do to him tonight.

  1. Brighten his day with a compliment

The next time you notice that he looks sexy with his strong biceps while taking things out of the car or cutting vegetables in the kitchen, let him know. And when he offers to do something for you, thank him. Such words are pure gold, especially if he had a rough day.

  1. Picture speaks a thousand words

In the digital age, print photos are less common, which is why a special charm. Print a nice photograph of you two, for example, from vacation or traveling, and place it in a prominent place or let them know that you have it with you. This will show him how much this memory means, and encourage him to make even more of such common moments.

  1. Give him the night off

If you have agreed that he will prepare something for dinner, free him from that obligation and order something from delivery. If he is under a stress due to a presentation at work, bring a refreshing drink. This small gestures will be enough to feel like he got the royal treatment.

  1. Change the habit of having sex

If you are used to having sex in the dark, leave a light on. Make love in another room, or generally elsewhere. Talk about your secret sexual fantasies. Breaking the usual routines can be fun and refreshing.

  1. Share experience

Gifts that are not only material but include experience, e.g. travel or spa treatment, have greater significance because they allow the creation of beautiful memories. Research shows that more and more people want exactly the gifts that they’re taken out of the house to experience something new. Therefore, rather making a trip or a common winding for his favorite club, give him a new piece of clothing.

  1. Tell him a secret

A sense of connection with you in a unique way, like he has with no one else, is important for the man. Therefore, entrusted to him some of your “top secret” that only him will know. With this, you will show him a deeper level of trust in him and in your relationship.