Find out how to determine whether you are pregnant without a real test for pregnancy. There are certain natural ways – “home tests”.

A few decades ago there were no tests for pregnancy which could be bought in pharmacies. That is why women were finding various ways to find out that if they were pregnant. In addition to those safe methods, like the absence of menstruation and morning sickness, they resorted and some other methods.

Of course, given the fact that today you can go into any pharmacy to buy the test, you do not have to try these natural methods, but you will certainly be interesting to read them. Tests homemade are quite simple, and the method of determining pregnancy are very interesting. Of course, you should know these tests for pregnancy are not too reliable.

There are women who are or are not able to buy it as soon as possible or are ashamed of buying a home pregnancy test. Even if you have no particular reason to believe you will find it interesting to read the ways to determine whether you are pregnant. They are quite simple, and the methods are more than interesting – often include dandelion, bleach, toothpaste…

You should keep in mind that these pregnancy tests are not reliable as a percentage of those that you purchase in pharmacies, but many women believe these methods, while others are quite suspicious. In any case, the story is quite interesting.


There is not a household that does not have toothpaste. Supporters of alternative methods of determining pregnancy say that this test is one of the easiest ways to test for pregnancy. If you choose this method, you should use only white toothpaste without dots and of course, it should not be in two colors. The way of testing is as follows: in a bowl pour a little toothpaste and through is your first-morning urine. The belief is that the woman is probably pregnant if a blue or bluish color occurs.


Bleach is most commonly used for bleaching clothes and removing stains. However, bleach can assist you with determining pregnancy. Wondering how? The container in which you urinated in the morning pour a little bleach and mix it well. The belief is that a woman is most likely in a blissful state if there is foam or bubbles. In this case, if before testing you suspect that you are pregnant, it would be desirable for your partner to mix the substances instead of you because bleach evaporates so if you’re really pregnant would not be advisable to breathe it.


Dandelion is the most common plant with distinctive yellow flowers. It grows in the village and in the city, can be pick by the road, in front of buildings and houses, and the children are happy to play with it when its blooms. Proponents of natural methods for determining pregnancy claim that dandelion is actually one of the most popular and most reliable natural tests. This test is very simple, it should only pick up green leaves of dandelion, then cut them away and put in a plastic container, preferably well washed of yogurt or sour cream. Dandelion that you picked hides it from the sun. In a bowl place the urine, then put in the leaves of dandelion (that are completely wetted). Let stand for 10 to 20 minutes. If on the leaves appear the red dots it is possible that you are pregnant.

A test for pregnancy of the ancient Egyptians

It may sound strange, but it worked for them. For thousands of years these smart people, not only to have found a natural cure for every possible condition mixing plants, spices, and food but also designed a home pregnancy test.

Handling is extremely simple. The seeds of wheat and barley are placed in a cup, women suspected of being pregnant wet on the seed, cover the dish towel and check the next day.

If the seeds germinated, it means that she is pregnant, and if not, then not pregnant.

Even they could and to say that if it comes to a boy or girl on the ground that it is more germinated barley or wheat.

The researchers tested this in the sixties and found that it is true in more than 70% of cases.

This is about the same as the accuracy of modern tests, especially those cheap.

Ancient pregnancy test works on the same principle as the modern tests, relying on a chemical change which is present only in pregnant women.

Well, this should save you some money.

Many things we can learn from the ancient Egyptians and their natural medicine.

If after this text, choose one of the following methods, but you should visit your gynecologist. Whether you are a natural pregnancy test is positive or negative, medical methods such as determining the pregnancy via blood or urine tests in laboratories are the most reliable way to find out whether you are pregnant or not.