Expanded (varicose) veins are the disease of the superficial vein system. Combined symptoms and complications are the most common illness of the leg blood vessels. Treatment of varicose veins should be comprehensive. Therefore, it would be best to use a folk remedy in addition to the medical treatment recommended by your doctor.

We present you the most effective and very effective methods of Russian folk medicine that are intended for the treatment of extended veins.

Treatment of extended veins.

One of the most effective treatments for treating varicose veins is an oil from a bowel.

A patient who used this method, after a month of treatment, the diseased veins had disappeared and did not even appear after a busy and working holiday season.

The oil of the inner harbor is rubbed slightly into the enlarged veins, then the nylon skirt is placed and wrapped in a bandage or cloth. Treatment is done in the evening and is left overnight. In the morning, wash your legs.

Jumbuck seedlings – the simplest but very effective means for treating varicose veins and chapped capillaries.

Apples contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, macro and micro elements, including potassium, calcium, iron and iodine. If you use apple juice properly, you will be able to compete with the enlarged veins and capillary capsules without any negative and side effects per organism. The results are visible after 3-4 weeks. The simplest way to use an apple juice is to rub on the sick veins by the following instruction:

Soak the wicker with apple juice and carefully rub it on the problematic veins on the leg. Treatment should be done at least twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. You can do this treatment several times a day. Treatment is necessary to be done for at least a month.

Treatment of varicose veins with the effects of Mikulina

Pretty effective blood cleansing exercises, which helped thousands of people with varicose veins, are the aides of the Russian academician A.A. Mikulina.

The method is very simple: you need to be lifted on the toes so that the heels are lifted from the floor by 1 cm and then suddenly descend on the heels, feeling a light stroke, a feeling of fast speed or running. After about thirty exercises, performed one by one, pause for 5-10 seconds.

Exercises can be performed anywhere, home or on the go, anyway, several times a day. You should not lift the heel by more than 5 cm, as this would lead to unnecessary stress and fatigue in the feet rather than the positive effect.

In the opinion of Professor Mikulina, these exercises keep the organism in good shape, postpone aging, release oxidants and have good anti-thrombophlebitis prevention.

Judging by the fact that this life scientist entered the legend because of his steel health (and about which he began to care only about he had a heart attack on him after fifty years), he was not reluctant to try his method. Most people are familiar with the useful properties of tomatoes, but they are not all referred to, that with the help of tomatoes can cure varicose (enlarged) veins.

Spreading veined veins with a green tomato.

A green tomato is a simple folk tale for varicose fighting.

It is necessary to wash several green tomato fruits and slices them on slices (or rings). The green tomato slices should be placed on the nodes of the extended veins on the veins and on the existing capillary vein network. If necessary, hang some bandage. Keep the tomatoes in these places until the sensation of peeling on the skin becomes apparent.

If you cannot handle it long enough, remove it as soon as you feel choking, and wash the veins with cool water. But if you are doing this well, the result will be visible very quickly. This procedure should be repeated 5 times during the day, preferably in a row.

After two weeks of carrying out these daily procedures, the venous nodules will begin to glance. Over time, the capillaries, nodules, swelling and pain in veins will disappear.

In addition to green tomatoes, mature red tomatoes will also help in the disappearance of extended veins.

 Treatment of extended veins with red tomatoes.

The procedure is similar to the previous one.  Wash the tomatoes, then cut into thin slices and put on the veins and leave it approximately for 3-4 hours and firm with some bandage. After tomatoes replace the other. This procedure is desirable to work in the evening or at night. The duration of the course is individual. You can do it for a long time in combination with a green tomato.

Tomato possesses medicinal properties because in it, in addition to seed, there is a substance that is similar to acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin). This acid is considered to be an anticoagulant, which destabilizes the blood and does not cause its stagnation. In addition, tomato contains flavonoids that strengthen the walls of the blood vessels.