Many of you have already had some experience with turmeric. Someone had used as a spice, many have prepared the beverage called Golden milk which is ideal for the joints pain and spine, and some just saw bags of yellow powder in larger supermarkets or health food stores and asked purpose unknown.


But few know that the turmeric, combined with honey is very valuable and priceless natural medicine. It has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect, which not only destroys the bacteria that cause the disease but also promotes the natural defenses.Unlike synthetic antibiotics, which are crowded pharmacies, such a drug has no negative effect on the intestinal microflora.

Unlike synthetic antibiotics, which are crowded pharmacies, unlike the drugs, it has no negative effect on the intestinal microflora.

On the contrary, consumption of honey and turmeric significantly improves digestion and increases the activity of beneficial microflora in the intestine. This is witnessed by confirming scientific literature.

In Ayurveda, this is a traditional remedy for colds. So do not at the first symptoms of disease immediately go to the pharmacy, but save useful and healing mixture – “Golden Honey”, mixing turmeric powder and honey.

Gold Honey – the most powerful natural antibiotic.


When the first symptoms of colds appear, prepare the mixture and used it for 3 days. In 100 g of honey, add 1 full teaspoon of turmeric, mix well and pour yourself a glass of this beverage.

To be Taken while the first cold symptoms occur:

– 1 day – every hour at half teaspoons, during the whole day

– 2 days – every two hours by half a teaspoon

– 3 days – three times a day for half a teaspoon

It needs to be sucked in the mouth until its dissolution is complete.

Usually, after three days of flu subsides and the body recovers. This mixture can also be used in a complex treatment of respiratory diseases, taking the 1 teaspoon three times a day during the week. You can add it in milk or tea.

You should also know:

If you are taking any medications, consult your doctor. More specific, if you have health issues such as hemophilia and hypertension, turmeric dilutes the blood and lowers the pressure, although the majority, this will be just a big plus. But, in addition to lowering pressure, turmeric can cause a drop in blood sugar levels.

People who suffer from diabetes also have to consult with their doctor. But what is really dangerous – to consume turmeric if you have gallbladder disease and deposition of rocks in it, because turmeric causes muscle contraction of the gallbladder.