The immune system of the human body’s defense against attacks of many organisms that enter in our body in several ways. It consists of a number of tissues and organs of the body and together they fight against foreign bodies.



In addition to the immune system, lungs, are also one of the most important organs because they are responsible for inhalation and the oxygen while releasing carbon dioxide from the body through the nose. If the nose is blocked due to mucus, it can also affect the lungs. So in order to reinforce them, you have to try the magical drink for cleaning the lungs and at the same time, strengthen the immune system.

Children often get sick because they play in any kind of dirt, water, and mud. Their immune system is developing and makes them stronger in the fight against many diseases. The most common things that affect children are colds and flu. But if the flu and cough continue, it could mean that the mucus is accumulated and it can be serious. Mucus is something that our body produce it and it produces a lot of it: close to 1-2 liters of mucus create each day. Most of the time it disgorges, but when we have a cold or the children, it can close our airways and generally it represents an interference. The accumulation may also be caused by allergies and some other things. Is becoming a serious problem if it stays in our system, or if you see a greenish or blood mixed with mucus. This means that something is wrong and you should see your doctor.

We will share it with you, it is very good for both adults and for children, it will accelerate and strengthens immune systems.

Recipe for how to prepare this magic drink for strengthening the immune system and cleaning the lungs.

All you need is oats, honey, and water to create this magical drink. Rinse oats with water and mix them with one glass of honey and one glass of water. The glass should be between the 100 ml of water. Boil the mixture a few minutes and leave it overnight. In the morning squeeze the drink and put it in a bottle of water. This mixture can be refrigerating and it will last you all week. You should drink 30 to 40 ml of this drink on an empty stomach. Take a break from 15 days in the middle and repeat this is for another 40 days. Do not skip days and make sure that you drink 40 days in a row. For children, this means that their immune system is strengthened enough to fight against all types of viruses and bacteria and do not need this procedure repeatedly. This drink will completely eliminate the formation of excess mucus in your lungs. The lungs will be cleared of any obstruction and will be able to work without problems.