Pain in the left arm can be caused by something more innocuous diseases, such as rheumatic nature, but also diseases that are life-threatening, such as heart attack and stroke.

  • Pain as a symptom

– It can be a little milder character, rheumatic nature, which is chronic. When people see a doctor due to this kind of pain, it should be always taken into account the patient’s age. If it is an older person, therefore, a joint or soft tissue rheumatism one of the probable causes of pain.

It can also be due to crush if the person is having less sleep, due to various traumas, can be caused due to the fracture of the forearm, wrist or possibly the fingers, as well as the result of traffic violations – explained Dr. Nada Macura.

According to the doctor, the person who previously had heart failure and told her the pain in his hand, should be urgently gone to see a doctor.

– You should pay attention to whether the person previously had heart problems. It is important only that the pain is present and tingling, particularly in the small and ring finger, as well as along the upper arm, whether this has a track and pain in the neck, jaw, left half of the chest. One hand often can not be isolated if the cause is a cardiac pain.

Although, it is not uncommon if there is an atypical pain in both elbows, such as a soft pain. And it can be cardiac. Then it is necessary to contact their doctor to do an electrocardiogram, should say how long, where spreads, and where the pain occurred. Usually, in the case of cardiac disorders, pain first occurs in the area of the sternum, and then spreads to the left arm – says Macura.

  • Can that lead to stroke?

If a person has problems with his left hand, is not at all negligible.  What is symptomatic of the assembly is that it can ache left hand, it is an indicator, especially if the person complains of fragile and pain in the arms, legs and having a bad headache. This must be taken into account, since the stroke acute condition, like a heart attack.

Rheumatism, consequences from recent car accidents, various traumas, shocks, whiplash injury persons, changes arthrosis, are harmless diseases. These are not acute, but if in addition to pain signals and numbness, headache, dizziness, if the person does not understand and have a difficulty in speaking, all this may be the result of a stroke. To attack the typical pain in the sternum, but also spreads to the left arm.

These are the two conditions that require immediate verification – completed spokeswoman Nada Macura ambulance.