If your interest in conjuror, here is a small guide for interpreting the lines on the palm. Left hand tells us about inherited abilities and from it can be “read” what will bring us the future. The right hand shows what goals we have achieved our in life.


Life Line: It begins between your thumb and index finger and runs around Venus hill towards the wrist. If it is long, deep and smooth: good health and advanced age. Interruptions and fork down point to the disease and /or accidents.

Line Title: Above the line of life extending transversely across the palm. The long and deep: extensive sense. The short and deep: one-sided mind. Drop-down direction only: imagination. The direction that goes up: boring, objective. Joint start with a line of life: rational and passionate encounter with the other sex. Getting far above the life: Favors toward harshness and hypocrisy. A small transverse line through the line heads: the tendency headaches.

Line Hearts: above the head with the opposite direction of the course (from little finger to index finger). Long, deep, smooth: honest feeling and compassion. End of the line between heart and middle finger: benign and self-sacrificing. Place in the index finger: greedy for power. Place behind your index finger: a life devoted to a single occupation. What are the lines closer to the line of the heart and headlines it means that head dominates the above the feelings.

The line of Fate: From the wrist to the middle finger. Very deeply engraved: Prescribed fate determines life. The line of fate begins only in the middle of the palm: delayed success. The line of fate absent: characteristically determined life. Interruptions: doom. Zigzag line: unhappy, deviation from the right path.

The Line art: draws from the line of destiny to the ring finger. Especially striking: artistic talent. If you can see next to another line (line money)is concerned that can make a living from their talent. Crosses and squares on the line indicate sporadic earn money. If absent both lines will be neither glory nor happiness.

Line Health: Bow below the Mercury. It is absent in many. If there is then points to health problems. Often the pain of internal organs.

Lines of luck: About four lines around the joint. If they are clear: Happiness. If they are cut off: Happiness or after hard work. If they are absent: no luck.


Erotic Lines: small lines on Venus hill. One very Venus mount indicates a distinct sensibility and vitality. Strong, long and parallel lines: strong feelings of love. Short, thin line: less sensitivity. Grid lines: Favors quarrels, short connections.

Line success: Small lines of the lineup and forefinger: the straight line: Ambition leads to success. Cross lines: the obstacles to success. The lines intersect are stronger than the line of success: not the success of ambitious plans.

The circle of Venus: Bow below the middle finger and ring finger. Closed circuit: The disappointment in love. Semi-open circuit: The disappointment will be overcome. More circles: excessive sensitivity makes it difficult to live together.

Contact lines: lines below the little finger. Their number stands for the number of friendships. If they go up: happy relationship. Down: unhappy relationship. Intersected lines: relationship full of conflict. Mars finger: if the upper part of the inch: strong will. If the lower part of the larger: more than the logic of reason.

Jupiter finger: what is a more pronounced finger, the stronger is the lust for power. If it is relatively short: Favors to submission.

Saturn finger: its expression shows affection towards caution and settlement.

Apollo or finger sun: ring finger shows emotion. If it is long: The tendency to exaggeration, but also to the artistic temperament.

Mercury’s finger: shows social talents. Sociable and lively is the one whose little finger reaches to the upper part of the ring finger.