Most women use makeup every day, and you do not even think about how is applied to the face. Make-up is actually not difficult if you have quality products but there are various techniques that can make your job easier. Below we bring you tips on how your makeup to look better, because if you already do make-up, then let your makeup looks its best.

With countless tutorials, you can find various tips on the internet that sometimes can be blurred or ambiguous. “How does the liquid powder apply correctly – fingers, brush or sponge? Is really a primer (makeup base) really needed? How many bronze or bush is enough and how much too much? ” These are just some of the questions that various beauty bloggers are asking us, and we will help you to break down the basic concepts.



When applying makeup, it is necessary to follow some sort of order in the sense that make makeup first to the eyes or to the rest of the face. Where you are going to start it is just on you – you have the ability to wipe out eye shadows crumbs that falls on the cheekbones when applying makeup on the eyes before applying the powder.

The correct application of the products:

  1. Face cream
  2. Primer (base) for make-up
  3. Foundation, toned, BB or CC Cream
  4. Corrector/Concealer
  5. Fixing Powder / Pressed Powder
  6. Bronzer
  7. Blush
  8. Highlighter
  9. Eyes (eye shadow, shower / eyeliner, mascara)

The first four steps you need to follow close behind, while steps 5-9, you can arrange their order. The above sequence is a general sequence of application which you cannot go wrong. If the first makeup eyes and face, simply step number 9 do immediately after a face cream and then follow the steps from 2 to continue.

Primer (makeup base)

The primer is used to smooth the surface irregularities and allow the rest of the makeup to stay longer on the face. You can apply it to your face with your fingers only on the parts of the face where you want a better fixed product (e.g. T zone or pore).

Liquid powder(foundation), toned, BB or CC cream

During the winter and cold months most of us reach for products that cover and protect skin better, such as liquid powders coming in different textures. During the summer, it is recommended to use light powders, and the best BB or CC creams because they have a slightly weaker overlaying power.


Recently, the best thing for applying liquid substrates has been sparkling by the name beauty blender because it evenly applies the product and allows a natural face look. Fingering or brushing is also possible, though it is more likely that you will apply too much product and make the makeup in the wrinkles and facial lines.


Like the name says, the corrector serves to correct or overcome irregularities and pimples. In this case, it is best to take the rule “less is more”. Corrector should be applied to the dark circles and to the redness or acnes in a thin layer, so that it is always better to apply two thin layers instead of a thick layer because the corrector will be less noticeable.

You can also apply the corrector with your fingers, although for both hygiene and longevity it is recommended to apply with a beauty blender or a smaller brush that is even more precise.

Fixing Powder and Powder

When we finished with the application substrate and covered any irregularities, it is all “fixed”. For this purpose, you can use fixing powder that is transparent and serves to tarnish and Powder for additional coverage and tarnish.


The Bronzer is best used during the summer and on skin that has already dimmed from the sun as it could create an overwhelming contrast at a lighter angle. It can be applied on the jaw line and on the lines along the line of hair growth.




With blush you are all probably familiar, and is an essential trick for girls and women with fair skin. Properly applied blush raises the whole face and gives it a healthy color so that we do not look sunken. The blush should be applied to the cheeks or above, not under the cheekbones and not too much. The color of the blush chooses as the color of your face when it naturally bows.


As the corrector serves to overcome the irregularity, the highlighter serves to highlight the good sides of the face. It reflects the light from the face and gives it a natural and fresh glow. The highlighter is a specially emphasized “less is more” rule so that we would not glitter like a disco ball. Apply it to the cheekbones under the eyes, and over the blush, and a small amount on the cupid lip of the lips and the tip of the nose for a healthy luster.

Makeup of the eyes

When you make-up your eyes there are many techniques, and the choice is huge. You can only use mascara if you do not like too much product on the eyes, and you can use eyeshadow, eyeliner and so on. Before applying makeup on the eyes, especially before a night out or an important event, first apply a primer for the eyes to your makeup remained stable during the whole evening.