There are many different beliefs and opinions about sex that not only are wrong, but they can also destroy your love life. For example, most people believe that sex should be spontaneous, but the truth is that you must work hard to have a successful sex life. Sex therapists reveal 8 biggest myths about sex that you should stop believing.


  1. Men should always and everywhere be ready for sex

Contrary to popular opinion, men can’t have sex whenever they want their partners. They are not robots, and they can be tired, worried and anxious. Besides, as they age, men, need direct stimulation of the penis before and during sex. Woman shouldn’t be the most important in sex, but mutual satisfaction. Ask your partner what excites him and what he wants.

  1. If you don’t have an orgasm, it is the same as you didn’t have sex

Wrong! Sex is much more than the penetration and orgasm. If you believe in this myth, it is time to become more creative and more realistic about sex. Sex includes kissing, hugging, sensual massages … Sex is oral stimulation, manual stimulation, mutual masturbation and anal stimulation. Sex is dirty talking, reading erotica, watching adult movies together, playing games and sharing sex fantasies. Expand your understanding of the term sex, get rid of the pressure and thus will increase your enjoyment and pleasure.

  1. You should feel attractive enough to truly enjoy sex

The media and the porn industry are the main culprits for what women believe they must have a beautiful body to enjoy sex. Usually, men do not notice the flaws of the female body. They are excited by the fact that there is a naked woman beside them. Regardless of how they look, if their wives love their body and men will love it. For this you need time to accept and love your own originality. When women start to value their flaws and begin to love themselves in a way that will allow them to love and their partners.

  1. Sexual infidelity happens is because something is missing in the relationship

Although some people really have affairs because they feel they do not get what they want in a relationship, it’s just one of many reasons that comes to infidelity. Many people who are satisfied with the relationship were unfaithful just because they had arisen on occasion. Factors such as the availability and minimum risk of being caught are just some of the many factors that can lead to a “casual affair.” Some people are guided by instinct and it is one of the main reasons why it happens infidelity, not dissatisfaction with sex life.

  1. It is easy to achieve a vaginal orgasm

People still think that it is easy to cause and to experience vaginal orgasm. The truth is that most women need clitoral stimulation to reach the top. Many men are surprised to hear this. The idea that you have to achieve vaginal orgasm causes pressure in pairs. Because women are frustrated and men are helpless. There are many misconceptions about how women experience orgasm. It’s hard to experience vaginal orgasm if you have sex quickly.

  1. Sex should be very exciting at the beginning

Many people think that the first sex with a new partner should be exciting. In rare cases this is true, but it is more likely that the first sex will be just good. In most people, sexual chemistry develops over time and then sex turns into something amazing and exciting. It is so because to have amazing sex, you really need to know your partner. If you’ve never had sex with the person before, normally you do not know what he or she wants, what it needs and how to comply.

Moreover, both probably will be a little nervous putting additional pressure on the event. The most important question to ask yourself at the beginning of the relationship is if you would like to see that person again. If everything was perfect from the start, you cannot grow, and grow together.

  1. If you must use a lubricant, it means that you’re not really excited

Wrong. Lubricants are your friends. Most people think that when a woman is aroused, should be moist. But sometimes the excitement can happen on an emotional level, not physical, so do not hesitate if you use lubricants.

  1. The relationship cannot survive if your libido isn’t in the same level

Often couples are worried due to noncompliance of their sexual desire, or when one partner wants more sex than the other. Almost there aren’t partners that have identical libido. If both of you do not want sex equally, it does not mean your relationship is doomed. The most important thing is to talk to your partner about how often you would like to have sex.

You also need to understand that your wishes and needs vary. If there are extreme differences over how often would like to have sex, then would be best to talk to a professional who can help you solve problems and come up with a plan that suits you both.