In order for sleep to be in good quality, it does not matter just how long you sleep, but also the time when you go to sleep. Is not the same to sleep, let’s say, from 23 to seven or from one to nine o’clock in the morning.

In order to brain functions are recovered, it is necessary to have a good night’s sleep. And except for the length of sleep is an important and rhythm of going to sleep.

Reflexes due to a late bedtime become weaker, and thus our ability to work.

Are you familiar with that feeling when you lie down to bed early so you can have good night’s sleep but then wake up in the morning and you still feeling tired?

It seems that the key is that the exact time when we actually going to sleep. In fact, there is a calculator for sleeping which on the basis of formulas and medical data can calculate in exactly which hour we need to go to sleep in order to get up the morning easier.

This calculator is based on the cycles of sleep and not on the number of hours. A person during the night passes through five or six cycles lasting about 90 minutes, an if the alarm goes in the middle of the sleep cycle, there is a feeling of fatigue.
“The average person needs about 15 minutes to fall asleep. A good night’s sleep consists 5 to 6 sleep cycle. By using the formula that is based on our natural body rhythms, our calculator will calculate to you the exact time when you need to go to bed” say the creators of the calculator sleep.

The math goes like this: if, for example, you need to get up at 7 am, you need to lie down at 21:46 or 23:16 hours. However, if you stay longer awake, lie in 0:46 or 2:16 pm. If you get up at 6 in the morning, the right time to go to bed is at 20:46, 22:16 and 23:46, but if you skip these terms, then it’s 1:16 is the right time.

If you get up only at 8 o’clock in the morning, you need to be in bed at 22:46, 00:16, 01:46 or 03:16 o’clock.

Those who do not get up in full hour, but for example, in 6:35, for its calculation can type in the exact time in the application that you will find on the internet and will get a result. To 6:35 lie down at 21:21, 22:51, 00:21 or 01:51 hours.

If you follow the given terms that are suggested, you can get some sleep for only four and a half hours.
Is worth adding here that the calculator reckoned the fact that we need an average of 14 minutes to fall asleep naturally and not be in the exact minutes that you’re in bed.

Here you can calculate when you need to go to bed.