The study, which involved 34,000 women over the age of thirteen, reveals the substantial amount of time that a day to be set aside for a beautiful and healthy line.

According to the latest study, which involved 34,000 women over the age of thirteen, to combat overweight need every day is an hour of moderate exercise. The team of US researchers at Harvard University announced that data, according to which women with overweight, with exercise, should go on a diet. The UK Government, on the other hand, recommended half an hour of daily exercise at least five times a week.

Women who participated in this study responded to a question regarding the amount of time you spend in the exercise. The results showed that there are three groups of women: those who exercise a week two and half hours, she who exercised between two thirty and seven o’clock, and those who exercise a week for more than seven hours. The average age was 54, and the study showed that one group of women who weekly spends more than seven hours to exercise, get a lot less weight than others. It is interesting that there are almost no differences between those groups that exercise for about two and a half hours a day and those who exercise between the two and half hours and seven hours.


It takes a lot more!

It turned out that women who are in the research joined with average weight, did not get overweight, while those with excess weight has not seen any progress.

Those women who already have problems with excess weight should exercise a lot more than what is recommended by the British government. An hour a day is enough to maintain body mass index, or for losing weight takes more than that – say the scientists. The Department of Health says that it would be desirable for children to exercise an hour a day, while adults should exercise half as much.

We encourage adults to the small changes everyday habits improve the quality of your life. Some of the measures that will achieve are: ingesting large amounts of fruit and vegetables and less fatty foods and increase physical activity – says a spokesman for the British Ministry of Health.

Professor Paul Gately at the University of Leeds warns that the government program is good, but only in terms of reducing the risk of poor health.

– Thirty minutes of daily exercise is sufficient for good health, but it takes a lot more to reduce excess weight – said Gately, and even recommends 90 minutes of daily exercise.