Sometimes, at least once in a lifetime, we should be open up to adventure according to our appearance even if we try to “play it safe”.  We should be dared to take risks and to experiment that will be pleasantly surprised and more fun!

  1. The first dramatic change in hair color

You do not necessarily need to do drastic changes like that that black hair dyed in a shade of silver platinum, but at least once try something distinctly different. If you have always wondered what it would be blond or red hair, stop asking and start trying!

  1. A long haircut

If you had long hair whole life, you may find it difficult to shorten it, but the best thing for your hair is that it – is continuously growing. You do not need to have your hair drastically shortened, but a great change can be achieved even if you had it shortened only a few centimeters. Just be sure that you are in the hands of an experienced hairdresser.

  1. More than expressive Eyeliner

Go beyond a standard feature shower on the eyelids, decorate them very wide, prominent “graphics”. Such a “thicker” move beyond the eye can look great, especially if the rest of the make-up calmer, a tan is cool airy and bright lipstick in “nude” shades.

  1. A neon lipstick color

Beautiful, striking lipstick in “impossible” glossy or matte finish, why not? Be bold to try a bold red, pink or orange tint. Previously Frame lip pencil, so there will be no “leakage” of color.

  1. Hollywood waves

Luxurious curls like those worn by the stars on the red carpet may not be for every day, but after all, why would not you wear and at some “ordinary” and not just a special occasion? Extravagant and voluminous hairstyle perfectly lifted appearance.

  1. Dramatically contouring

Differences between natural skin without make-up and make-up techniques and contouring “highlight” are great, but if the makeup fine elaboration, it will look great. Why not try it at least once, you know what time you get.

  1. “Crazy” hair color

Pink or green hair really is not for everyone, but you can achieve a great effect with only a hint of color, only a strand or two. They offer so-called Cretaceous hair in colors that can be easily washed.

  1. Prominent eyebrows

You do not have to imitate someone’s appearance, or using pens, brushes, templates and powder for eyebrows can fill them so that they appear thicker and thicker. Only a change in the eyebrows can completely change the whole face.

  1. Only lipstick and nothing more

Highlight lips lipstick, and the rest of the face leaving “clean”, eventually you can add a little liquid foundation or concealer if you want. Simply apply your favorite lipstick. Often you just and necessary10. Completely without makeup

For many, this is the greatest risk among all these, out of the house without any makeup. But you will find that is not that bad but it can be an excellent exercise for confidence. After all, most people will not notice the difference, because you do not evaluate only in that what you’re outside, but also what you people, is not it?