We all want when we go for a trip, either for pleasure or business to go carefree, not to forget something, to have a good time. The following tips and important information when traveling to a foreign country!
Many tips are useful and if you are not an experienced traveler you’ll benefit even the information that may at first make banal. Before the trip is the most important to be well informed in order your trip to pass carelessly and left a nice memory!

Tips for traveling by airplane

Before the trip …
– review the time of the check that your air company requires in order to arrive in time to do all the formalities (domestic flights: at least 1 hour before the flight, international flights: at least 2 hours before the flight)
– for your own safety please be patient while checking your personal and excess baggage, carry only one piece of hand luggage
– Leave enough time between flights because missed flight might have disastrous consequences – watch out for the time difference when booking flights, rent-a-car or accommodation
– make sure you do not go to the wrong airport or at the wrong terminal. (May sound funny but great world cities have more than one airport and it is easy to make a mistake)
– check if during your stay in a foreign country or on the day of arrival is a non-working day
– shops and restaurants in airports are almost always open and there can shorten the time until the departure of your aircraft

What not to pack in carry-on baggage?
– weapon or weapons copies / toys (metal or plastic)
– scissors, knives
– shaving kit (razor blades, razors)
– the liquid in the packaging of more than 100ml
– tools
– flammable materials

Plane tickets
Before leaving …
– buy a return ticket
– check one more time the date and time of departure and arrival, flight numbers
When you arrived at your destination …
– store air ticket in a safe place (safe)

Tips for all kinds of traveling

Travel insurance – always make sure before traveling to a foreign country.
Already for a few cents per day, you can rest easy and save a lot of money in case of an accident (cost of treatment abroad can be huge)!
Before traveling check even if your travel insurance covers all medical costs or only partially (which costs), the cost of medicines, etc., That transport services in case of injury (whether it involves transport helicopter in case of emergency or similar means of transport), transport costs home in case of death …

Before leaving …
– be sure to have enough money to cover your planned expenses
– Credit cards (check their expiry date, especially note the numbers of cards)
– Do not carry all cards with you, take one and the others store them in the hotel safe or another safe place
When you arrive at your destination …
– you carry only the amount of money that you think it will be sufficient for the day
– if you have to carry a larger amount of money, share it with someone who is with you
– Put the money in the purse or in a safe pocket from the inside of your clothes
– the rest of the money or cards store in the hotel safe

if you’ve been robbed …
– report the loss or theft to the nearest police station and request a written confirmation (for insurance)
– cash / checks – call your bank about money transfer and cancellation of credit cards
– airline tickets / vouchers – contact your travel agency

Be careful!
– avoid contact with drugs, penalties are great, and in some countries might include a death punishment
– Do not take someone else’s luggage from services
– do not cross the border in the company of strangers (e.g. Hitchhikers)

– check whether if you should be vaccinated for the destination you are visiting
– take medications that you commonly use prescribed by physician and put them in your hand luggage
– take a prescription for the medication that you normally use

A few days before the trip make a simple list of things you need for travel.
If you later come up with something else, you can always add to the list (it is good to have on your cell phone because it is always with you).
In the end, just before the closing of suitcases and leaving the house check the list once again and you can calmly go because you brought all.

When creating a list, keep in mind some of the things that is really important not to forget (things that you always put on your list and in the hand luggage to make sure that it is always with you if luggage is somewhere stuck … (God forbid!) :
– Mobile Charger
– passport
– cure for headaches, dental pain, discomfort, etc. menstrual.
– money in the currency of the country in which you travel (if it is possible to get it)
– address and telephone number of the accommodation (at the time and in the case of language barrier can give the taxi driver a note with the address and happily arrive at the hotel or other accommodation)
– a small brush and toothpaste, spare panties and a T-shirt
– regular and wet wipes (best disinfectant)
– Chewing gum (shown to lessen nausea from travel or heat, and come in handy if you just want to freshen your breath)
– a bottle of water (even if it is warm during the trip, only water is fine if it is hot)

And always, but ALWAYS REALLY
Respect the culture, rules and customs of the country you are in!