Most of us, in some period of our lives, have had problems with acnes. According to some researchers, even 80% of world’s population has faced with acnes and usually in age from 12 to 25. There are various treatments against acnes, some of them are successful some not, but this two twin sister who have tried almost every possible cure against acnes finally found one that works on long terms.

Twins that have made a successful career on YouTube, revealed that cured their painful and swollen acne that have plagued them for years, and only with the help of dietary change. This is their secret.


Nina and Randa Nelson (22) grew up on a vegan diet and thus avoided animal products, meat, and milk products which are known to cause acne and oily skin. They have finished high school and did not have almost any pimple, but when they reached the age of 20 all went wrong.

In the spring of 2014 when they reached the age of 20 years, Nina and Randa have for the first time in their life, met with painful cystic acne. The following months they have tried out almost all possible methods of healing, of lotions, medications, and antibiotics in consultation with dermatologists, but nothing worked.

These young girls, who are otherwise engaged in acting and singing, completely lost confidence because of the situation that hit them. Hey saw three dermatologists, including one who is considered the top acne expert at UCLA. They try out all possible methods and were told that they were the only remaining alternative pattern is one very strong drug, called Accutane, which is known as the miracle in treatment.  However, consuming this drug carries a lot of consequence such as hair loss, dry skin, and is associated even with milder forms of depression. They have a friend who took Accutane and suffered tremendous side effects.

They did not want to risk with this drug and they knew that there is another alternative. They knew that the key lies in what entries in your body, but since they were already vegan, they did not know what should they change.

Then their dad proposed to seek the help of a specialist John McDougall who had previously helped their mom with the type of autoimmune disease known as Relapsing Polychondritis, and for this reason, the whole family has changed diet plan.

On the website of Dr. McDougall, they found that by eliminating foods containing oils and fats of any kind can permanently remove acne. Dr. McDougall discussed how acne is all about diet. They are vegan, but they ate food containing fat, even though they were so called. “Healthy fats”, such as peanut butter, avocado, and soy milk. When they decided to listen to the doctor’s advice and eliminate every form of fat, were shocked by the results that were achieved after only three days. The old acnes begin to heal and no new ones have appeared.  The photos in this article are from 6 weeks after they changed their diet.

– After three days, new acne did not appear anymore! The rest is just acne scars – revealed sisters in the video. See for yourselves:

The girls were delighted with the results, and the acne no longer returned. Their diet now contains brown rice with vegetables, potatoes and various types of beans. To maintain their weight, they have added fruit, dried fruit, and regularly drinking smoothies with added oat flakes.
In addition to stories about acne, these sisters have gained great popularity in their music videos and tutorials on makeup and now have over 200,000 followers.