Many women love to have a smooth, shiny, straight hair, which is easily achieved with the help of devices for handling, the popular “irons”. However, while it is easy to damage the hair, and after that is not easily repaired strand. Here are seven major mistakes in the handling of hair that you can avoid.



1. Ironing your hair while is still wet

If you “iron” over wet hair, the strands are formed bubbles why they shoot. The damage is most visible on the cracked tops and in the increased fragility of hair. If you do not have time to dry your hair completely before ironing, at least briefly dry it with a hair dryer. You have to use less “iron” and is smaller and the likelihood of damage to the hair.

2. Straight hair every day

Every morning before you get up, only to come to straighten hair. Now it looks nice, but in time could turn into a “straw”. Do not iron the everyday, it really is not necessary, because the linear appearance usually can keep 2-3 days.

For a longer effect, occasionally (but only sometimes!), you can instead of a regular wash use dry shampoo. The remains of powder from her hair blow hair dryer, which is normally preferred over the “iron” when it comes to preserving the quality of hair.

3. Straight hair that is already too treated

Often it is already tired of ironing hair Grout treatment: the constant change of color, the use of too many products for styling … If the hair is chemically damaged or has been exposed to excessive heat, allows it to recover for some time before you begin the “ironing”.

4. Putting the device to excessive temperature

You think if the device is hotter, faster and you could quickly and easily straighten your hair? However, do not succumb to the temptation as this will cause more damage. Follow the instructions on devices instruction box where exactly specified at what temperature and how long you can iron.

5.  Use the wrong type of device

Depending on the material that covers the grips, the market offers “irons” of tourmaline, ceramic or titanium. Tourmaline is recommended as a good solution for most types of hair and allegedly causes the least damage. Well, if you have thick hair, it may suit you better “iron” of titanium that allows rapid heat transfer, and therefore faster and better results. Ceramic “irons” easy glide hair and quickly provide uniform heat.

6. Do not use the means of protection against heat

As a means to use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, so you should use a tool to protect hair from heat styling devices. Whether ironing or dry your hair, before that apply thermal protection (the most practical preparations in spray form).

7.  Wrong choice of a shampoo and conditioner

Many products for hair washing containing sulfate that is dry. If you use the “iron” and (I) hair, should choose shampoos and conditioners without sulfate.