The variable period between seasons is one of the culprits of nasty circles under your arm. Whatever you dressed, you are not ready for the daily jumps in temperature. But there are solutions to it and turn the tables.

Let your stress caused by perspiration stops with the help of these four tricks.

  1. Keeping up regular hygiene

Keeping up hygiene is certainly one of the best ways to combat unpleasant odors and circles. Regular showering or taking baths so that your body will be clean and dry as inevitably to deal with the excessive sweating. If you have such a problem, take a shower once a day or at least wash your armpits. Hair removal razor or wax will not reduce the amount of perspiration but will prevent the sweat remains on your armpit. The unavoidable step is the use of antiperspirants protection sweating like Nivea Protect & Care Roll-one or deodorant.

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In addition to taking care of personal hygiene, it is important to maintain clean clothes. If you frequently wash sweat shirts after wearing one because the smell is not wrong now sweating but also the remains of bacteria already dried sweat.

  1. Eating habits

One of the factors that lead to odor during sweating and diet. Fine and spicy foods can cause problems if you are prone to excessive sweating, so it is important to get aware that you’re eating habits should be changed. Vegetables such as garlic, onion, and cabbage contain a large amount of sulfur because you will sweat to have a pungent odor during drying, and some spices like cumin and curry can also boost odors.

  1. Cotton Polyester clothes

It is difficult to resist the trendy models in stores, there is no controversy, but individual pieces although they look stunning, are often from a variety of different blend fabric. If you have a sweating issue, be sure to take a look at the label before buying. Avoid fabrics such as silk, polyester, and nylon in which your body will not be able to breathe comfortably. We are sure you will find it pieces of cotton, linen, wool and even where you look and feel great.

  1. Avoid bright colored clothing

If you still crept piece of clothing that ‘not breathing’, one of the tricks is that multi-layered dress hides traces of perspiration. Let the first coat be camisole or shirt with short sleeves, which will prevent unpleasant circuits through to other layers of clothing. This trick can be applied to the tops so that through them switch light jacket. If you do not allow heat laminated choose clothes according to color on which the traces of sweat will not stand. The white color and generally lighter clothing will reveal your enemies, while the darker tones masked.