Irregular sexual life and abstinence can be harmful to health. Today’s girls and women rarely engage in sexual intercourse than women twenty years ago, show the world of research.

The reasons are various: preoccupation with their work, the desire for independence, fear of new partners and sexually transmitted disease and a modern trend that has become present in our country – there are fewer male candidates who want a stable relationship.

Once believed that women who do not have an active sex life suffer from hysteria. This theory was later dismissed, but there is a lot of discussion about how regular sex life contributes to good physical and mental health of women.

The word hysteria comes from the Greek word “Hyster” meaning uterus. Hysteria is a type of neurosis in which the dominant variety of physical, sensory, motor and mental disorders with a psychogenic origin, such as the assault of laughter and crying, extreme irritability, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, nausea, pain in various parts of the body.

Disorders of hysterical nature were firstly being observed in younger widows in ancient Greece. It has long been believed only women to suffer from hysteria, although the disease can occur in both sexes. Thus began to associated this disorders with unfulfilled sexual drive.

The term “hysteria” was used by the American Society of Psychiatrists to the fifties of the last century, while “hysterical neurosis” remained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders until 1980. To treat hysteria many doctors have used massage of pelvis and genitals. The aim was affected patient to result in a “hysterical paroxysm” or orgasm which challenged breathing, skin rash, moistening the vagina and abdominal contractions. This practice was used in Victorian times, and in the early 19th century and spread to parts of Europe and the United States.

Besides massage treatments, hysteria was treated and with a vibrator, which appeared in the late 19th century. American author Rachel Meiner in her book “Technology of orgasm” describes how electromechanical medical instrument that helps hysterical women. Also claimed that this method is more effective than massage. In the movie “Hysteria”, the director Tanya Wexler 2011 in a charming way shows how occurred the first vibrator.

But do women who abstain from sex are more likely to suffer from these diseases and disorders than those who have a regular sex life?

Forced abstinence from sex if there is sexual desire is not psychologically healthy and can lead to various problems.

– The secretion of serotonin (actually many transmitters, natural opioids type of endorphins, raising adrenaline etc.) which is secreted during sexual activity has more than favorable effects on physical health, but it is not critical.

The impact of abstinence is completely individual and there is no rule. How will our bodies react in many ways depends on the year, a period of life, many of life’s circumstances, personality structure and general health. It also depends on the immunity, lifestyle, beliefs, eliminating corporal in favor of the spiritual …

Sexual abstinence will not produce at all people nearly the same effect. Sometimes people abstain for years and have no health problem. While some women irregular sexual life can trigger a lot of problems. Some women after a month of sexual abstinence have palpitation, stabbing chest pain, headache, insomnia, depression, brake lights and many other somatic manifestations of this condition.

In a wider sense according to Jung, libido represents sexual energy, mental, vital, vital, creative, the creative energy necessary for personal emotional development and individualization. In psychiatric and medical sense libido represents sexual desire, a decrease in libido can be caused by the different factors. In women, a decreased production of estrogen, low testosterone levels in men and women, surgery, fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety, pain, certain medications (antidepressants), pregnancy, lactation, inadequate partner, inadequate partnerships … etc. But how is often pointed out, the most important organ for sex is just the brain from it all encouraged and there are all the ends. If the body is healthy and balanced, all sexual disorders begin and end in the head.

Abstinence has no effect on fertility and potency. And to remind you, libido is a term that Freud used to indicate the sex drive or biological instinct linked to sexual desire and in that sense of the species, however, libido can still be considered and the need to create life (through the sexual act, speaking symbolically). A sexual energy that is libido can be discharged in other ways, not only through sex (sports and other physical activities).

But are women who abstain likely to suffer from some of these diseases and disorders than those who have a regular sex life? Namely, if by abstinence means lacking something, the irregular sexual life would mean a lack of order. But do we know exactly what is wrong and who determines this order? And abstinence and irregular sex life can be conscious or unconscious, forced or voluntary and it depends on health and the body, psyche, and soul of a woman.

Which means that although abstinence is lacking something, if it is knowingly and voluntarily decided then that it can harm your health. But if is not, then irregular sexual life and abstinence which the woman hasn’t chosen by herself but it is imposed on her for various social and moral principles then it is harmful. Such abstinence harms the physical and mental health, and then suffers and the body. But in the modern era, there are no statistics showing that abstinence can be connected with the development of psychological disorders

However, in the absence of a partner to women with normal sexual appetite experts recommend masturbation.

What kind of influence sex has on health?

– Improves circulation

Sex is good for the heart and circulation. Heart rhythm accelerates during intercourse and 70 beats per minute ramp up to 150 beats. This is a great workout for your heart. If you have sex three times a week, the risk of the heart attack decreases by 50 percent.

-Makes the skin softer

The duration of sexual intercourse, the woman’s body doubles the production of estrogen, resulting in an increased shine and softer skin. Sweating during sex cleanses the pores of our skin that makes it shine and reduces the risk of dermatitis.

-Relieves pain

Sex reduces pain even up to ten times better than some analgesics. Immediately before orgasm level of the hormone oxytocin is growing five times leading to a large release of endorphins. It soothes pain such as headaches, arthritis, and in contrast to tablets, endorphin causes no contraindications.

-Balance hormone

Estrogen in women protects the heart, and the long-term and protects from Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

– Improves immunity

Sexual activity means less colds, flu, and infections. Sex allows better control of the bladder.