A good selection of clothes and a makeup on a woman can highlight the benefits and visually is rejuvenated. On the other hand, it cuts the wrong dress and trousers emphasize exactly what you should hide, and the same goes with makeup – does not fit all colors and styles all shades of complexion and even that women should be wise to themselves not to add years. This is the most common mistakes when editing and advice of experts for their avoidance:

Premodern clothing

Every woman loves to look fashionable, but an investment in long-term trends of the pieces is not profitable because the fashion is changing at an incredible rate but something that is in one moment absolute hit, but the other may seem ridiculous. So it is better to invest in classic clothes because it can always look good. It is recommended that you have in the closet so-called skin, military, floral and plaid pattern, high-cut dresses and shirts and skirts and pants custom – it is always in fashion.

Wearing old clothes that no longer fit

Many women tend to keep clothes that once upon a time bought and spent a huge amount of money on it or is given as a gift it has sentimental value. In any case, it no longer corresponds to the age or figure. Such clothing is better to donate to charity, sell “second-hand” trade or save it as a souvenir but is by no means wear.

Too long hair

Long hair is most often associated with youth, while the short reserved for older women. For this there is a good reason – the face with age is losing fat and relaxes and becomes thinner, as wearing long hair style just emphasizes. Hair is like clothes, be adapted for years. Hairstyles level in person or possibly to make the shoulder face rounder, and therefore younger.

Stringent black line under the eyes

Except that it is difficult to accurately pull on women for years a prominent line of black eyeliner to the eyes do not work at all seductive, but, on the contrary, accentuate wrinkles and imperfections on the face. Instead of black, it is recommended that you use dark brown or gray color because it works “softer”. Also, it is a better solution than dry pencil eyeliner eye.

Excessive sunbathing

Tan short-beautifies and rejuvenates the appearance, but in the long run too much exposure to the sun works just the opposite. Ultraviolet radiation depleted skin cells “killing” of collagen which is responsible for elasticity. It causes loss of pigment, which occurs permanent black spots that visually added years. The consequences are visible after a few days of sunbathing without protection. Always roll skin protected from the sun with adequate lotion with SPF.

Ignore the arms, neck and décolleté

If you regularly and protect from the sun, many forget these three parts of the body, and the skin on them is extremely sensitive and thin. It is often the case that the hands, neck, and cleavage wrinkles fuller than the face, but this is due solely to improper or inadequate care. In addition to sun protection, skin needs to be nurtured and Nourishing Day Cream to the longer remain soft, smooth and radiant.

Too narrow or too wide clothing

Extremes are never good, especially when it comes to clothes. Moderation is the key to everything because too narrow, too wide, too long and too short attract negative attention, say psychologists. The thing is even worse if a woman puts on something like that, and from it emanates uncertainty. Everything is worn, it should be worn with style and confidence, so it is crucial that the clothes comfortable to nowhere distress, but does not fall.

Wearing braces

In broad clothing that is comfortable, but do not flatter the figure, recommended tightening at the waist with a belt because it visually creates waist and operates leaner. It is best to choose a contrasting color of shirt, tunic or dress. This accessory perfectly be combined with the coats, just over a coat advisable to carry as wide belt that does not generate “Slauf” through thick materials.

Dark lipstick

Shapely lips contribute to youth and beauty, but with choosing colors can easily be mistaken. Too dark, or even, too bright lipstick makes mature women older, so it should be to choose colors that are only a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. It is also recommended that the first pencil delineates the ends, and then the interior filled with neutral lipstick or, better yet, just shine.

Too much powder

The solution for concealing facial wrinkles is by no means a thick layer of powder. This, however, can only worsen the situation because powder enters the small recess and both of them because of the contrast only emphasizes. It is desirable to apply a moderately loose there where needs as possible using only one liquid or Cream as dry loose powder or rock dries the skin, but it is definitely not what you should be mature.