Today’s lifestyle is very stressful, and each of us needs to find a certain physical activity that pleases us and suits. Many opt to exercise at the gym with a qualified person, an instructor who will help us achieve the desired results. However, exercise is not only a mere indulgence instructions instructor, but there are things that we, as responsible practitioners, we need to pay attention. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your health and the perfect atmosphere in some physical activity, whether it is carried out in the gym or a room in nature, and so on. If you opted for the gym, then you need to be well informed about the conditions offered by the gym and expertise of staff in it.

In fitness and in life in general, we strive to be armed with information which will make easier the path to achieving our goals. When it comes to fitness, there’s no better resource for advice and information than from professionals for health and fitness whose careers depend on achieving results for clients. To achieve your potential, we selected the best experts in fitness and healthy living in the world and they have shared their best tips, mantras and motivational secrets learned during his career.


You must say what you want!

In the first conversation with the instructor, turn attention to the parts of the body you want to change, to what most you want him to pay attention to work with you. This conversation must be done before the start of a training process, prior to the first training, in order to your coach can make the appropriate exercise program. Be sure not to agree to “already designed a program” that will give you a paper with a pair of short superficial instruction, convincing you that this is what you should do, that these are exercises that work for you. Everyone’s body is different, there is already premeditated program of exercise. There are different forms of training, but it is certain that the instructor could not have a premeditated program, while firstly he does not talk to you and assess what you can and what you cannot do. Also, if you are not sure of the choice program, take a couple of pilot training to become more familiar with your coach and make sure that you exercise appropriate.

Forget about measuring body fat

Quit worry about a precise percentage of fat you’ve burned during your workout and make sure you pay attention to the calories you burn off those fat, and of course, to burn as much as you can, and to reach the goal, Endure as much as possible longer.

Become fit from the inside out

Do not run to the mirror after every session to notice the results, focus first on exercises that will make you more energetic, healthier and with less stress.

Start your day with exercise

If your busy schedule does not allow you to exercise regularly, set your alarm clock to keep you waking up an hour earlier because it is less likely to practice later after doing some work.

Take time for meditation

Find out how to include meditation into your regular routine, regardless of how long it will last. A lot of additional stress, pain, uncertainties and struggles caused by disconnecting with your own mind. Meditation does not cost money, not asking for anything and can be done anywhere. In order to change your body, you have to change your mind and way of thinking.

Do what you want

If you attempt to do a thing and it does not function as you wish, try something else. Never stop searching finding out what you like and what makes you happy.

Don’t have big breaks between exercises

It should not happen to have a big break between exercises, also there shouldn’t be a huge gap between the series of exercises. Such an exercise has no effect on your body, but also it may cause your body temperature to drop and thus run the risk of injury.

You need to trust your instructor

Remember: he works with your body, so you have every right to ask all you want, and is related to your training process. A good instructor – an expert in the field may not be unsafe, may not be found in a situation where there is no answer to your question. If you see something, think to change instructors, and therefore the gym.

Do more weight lifting

The best advice that can be given to the one who wants to change the shape of his body is to lift weights. Specifically, it should be done by combining exercises with high-intensity weight lifting. For best results combine 20 minutes of weight lifting with intense 20 minutes doing exercises.

Listen to your body, not mind

Your body knows better, as in the days when you do not feel ready for exercise, it’s your mind performing sabotage. Your body craves movement, circulation, treatment.

Start practicing keeping the end in mind

Start your workout with your specific goals in mind, then return back to plan training. That way you will know exactly what to do to achieve your goals while keep your motivation throughout the hour.

Build an emotional connection

Most people do not enjoy exercise, but studies show that when you connect with something you like, whether it is a personal trainer or fitness video or piece of equipment, you are significantly more prone to routine exercise.

Think of food as fuel

Think of food as fuel is more than it is a reward or comfort for something you have done. With time, fruit and nuts will have a significantly better taste than before.

You need to be 100 percent present during exercise

It should not happen that you think about something else to occupy your attention because you will then do the whole training half. Think about every move, feel the muscles as they work and concentrate on the overall exercise. Physical activity as a means of relaxation and wellbeing is priceless, so enjoy every training!