The most common use of all makeup products is mascara, which we all do make mistakes.

Even the minimalists in makeup salons, mascara is a must have. But although it is probably used more than any other makeup product, which is when used, the most often unnoticed mistakes occur.

Discover the 6 most common mistakes in makeup when mascara comes:

  1. Pumping the tube and brush too much

We know you want to make the best of texture, but remember – every time you insert the brush into the tube with her inputs and dry air which dries the texture, not to mention the potential bacteria.

  1. Too much pigment

This is the biggest reason for collecting lumps. Pull the brush out of tubes and gently rotate the top of the tube, removing excess texture.

  1. Do not insert mascara equal on both sides of eyelashes

Most of us generally makeup inside of the eyelids, but if you want to look fuller and darker lashes, you have to put on makeup and on the outside. Try and you will see a huge difference.

4. You make up in a hurry

Just 30 seconds longer in the makeup makes a big difference. Extend your make-up routine and eyelashes will look glamorous.

  1. Using only one type of mascara

You wish you have longer, fuller and Curl eyelashes. But that does not mean that you have to have five mascaras, two would be enough! Let’s say, for the first layer put mascara for volume, and for the second mascara for lengthening eyelashes.

6. Using an old mascara

If you constantly have problems with collecting lumps on the eyelashes, this means that your mascara too quickly dried or that is probably old. The rule says that mascara should be replaced every three months or earlier if you notice that the texture is dry or that smell.