Benign cysts are very common female problem, but their occurrence is associated with unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. Statistics show that the majority of members of the fairer sex tracks changes in the breast of reproductive age, after the age of 30, although they can occur at any age.

Cysts appear in different parts of the body specifically in women. Medical techniques are usually invasive and painful and the bad side is that very often happens that the cyst recurrence after the medical treatment.


Certain cysts that appear on the breasts, ovaries, etc., usually are not dangerous. However, if they are not treated can cause certain problems that are followed by hormonal changes.

Cysts are fluid-filled creations, mushy or hard material. Usually, the cysts are benign formations (not growing cell division) and can occur in one or both ovaries, breasts or any other part of the body.

If they are not treated after a period of time they can cause serious consequences, so you need to remove them when you notice that you have them.
Often because of cysts on the ovaries comes to the absence of menstruation and for a longer period of time. These cysts can lead to the inability of conception, but also to dangerous consequences.
Most of them spontaneously disappear after menopause. Given the fact that diet and stressful lifestyle have a major impact on the formation of these benign changes, thereby changing lifestyle can affect their treatment, but also prevention.
How to identify cysts in the breast – symptoms

A large number of cyst occurs without any symptoms, however, are detected by chance, during a regular ultrasound examination. Also, women themselves may feel for unusual lumps in the breast, which most often causes great anxiety because of fear of cancer.
However, in most cases, ultrasound confirms that they are benign cysts in their breasts. At the touch, they are generally soft, smooth and mobile, but if they are quite filled with liquid can be hard when you touch them.
It is known that herbs have a long and successful tradition in the treatment of benign changes in the breast and it should not be neglected, although it is already known that guided breast cysts rarely develop into cancer.

The size of cyst varies during the menstrual cycle.

We have noted that the changes to the breast during reproductive period (after the 30th) are far more often, but it should not worry you too much. These breast cysts are harmless, because very rarely passes into breast cancer, or if the increase can be painful and unpleasant.
In the case of small changes, treatment is not necessary, while those larger is advisable to be treated.
Natural remedies that we will show here, will help you to get rid of cysts in the breasts, ovaries, kidneys and so on. Of course, it is necessary that in addition to these drugs you eat healthy food.

The medicament of houseleek
Houseleek has the ability to kill cancer cells and to cure cysts. It is very healthy.

Take leaves of houseleek, wash and chop them. Then mix it with 300 grams of honey.

Put in a glass bottle, keep in the fridge, periodically stir and after 7 days, start with using. Take 3 times a day for one teaspoon, before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The juice of wheat

Take something green wheat mash it until you get the juice and mix with a little water. The resulting juice drink in the morning, after one glass for every morning 3 months. You will successfully get rid of cysts.


Take some yarrow, lemon balm, very little of sage and cook them. The obtained tea drink per dl 1 day to 6 months. It is necessary to use alcohol and to reduce milk products.

This tea strengthens the immune system, improving the health, hormone, and kills the cancer cells and prevent the formation of tumors.