Very elegant, easy and effective option to lose inches from the waist. If you are tired of arduous diets that determine what and how much to eat, a new Japanese method of weight loss will save you time and energy. It includes the technique of deep breathing, which takes just two minutes a day. It consists of a deep inhalation and exhalation of air strong.

The creator of this technique is former Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke (55), accidently discovered this by making a mistake during his exercise, breathing techniques, trying to reduce back pain. While he used the breathing techniques he noticed that he was losing weight.

He named this method a long-breath diet.  It involves taking specific positions during breathing, inhaling that takes three seconds and exhale for seven seconds.

The actor claims that thanks to this diet for seven weeks lost 13 kilograms and 13 centimeters in volume.

Two breathing techniques

Miki Ryosuke pointed out that breathing techniques must be used two to five minutes a day in order to notice results quickly.

There are two ways of breathing. The first way involves stepping forward and transferring weight to the other leg. The arms are raised above the head, buttocks muscles tighten and two minutes a day in this position you have deep breath and forcefully exhale the air.

The second method comprises from the following steps – stand up straight, taut buttocks muscles, one arm is put on the abdomen, and the other to the bottom of the back. Track breathing, and all the time keeping the position of the body.


– Fats are composed of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. When we breathe oxygen, it reaches the fat molecules and they are broken down to carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Blood raises carbon dioxide, a waste product of the body, and returns it to the lungs to be exhaled. The more oxygen our bodies use more fat will burn down – said Jill Johnson, the creator of “Oksisajz”, another program breathing.

Supporters of diet Mickey Ryosuke pointed out that this diet speeds up metabolism and increases the level of oxygen in the body.

However, most experts, its critics say that two minutes a day is not enough to have a significant loss of weight.

– The exercises of medium and high intensity, such as rowing or brisk walking is the only way to burn fat and speed up metabolism. Deep breathing exercises and lighter exercising that last five minutes a day will not burn enough calories or change the shape of the body – said Richard Godfrey, a psychologist at the British Olympic Medical Center.

As pointed out by Professor Jan McDonald, professor of metabolic psychology at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences in Derbyshire, breathing diet may do more harm than good.

– Too deep breathing can disturb the balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body that is required to neutralize the blood, it can lead to dizziness – he said.

Professor McDonald said that in the best case this diet can burnout two percent body fat.