Recently, a disturbing picture that shows human flesh allegedly made in China, were placed on Facebook. According to the Daily Mail, China sold human flesh as beef in Africa. Pretty scary and disgusting!

One of the explanation is that the Chinese no longer have a place to bury their dead, in the Facebook has been released “a bug” of human flesh slashing, grinds, and then conserved and sold as food in the market of Africa. The other reason is that this type of meat is given to the poor countries in order so the good meat is export to rich countries.

Many people, in the beginning, understand this as a joke, but then one medium in Zambia, citing “reliable sources” from the factories of meat, wrote that this information is correct and everything went to “hell”.

On photographs, it could be seen flayed human bodies which caused a shock on the Internet. Newspapers in Zambia argued that the information came from employees at the factory.

Apparently, the meat was marinated and packed in cans before they were sold as beef in some parts of Africa.

Chinese authorities have denied the information that the meat of deceased persons is processed and packed in tins, which are then sold on the African market.

Chinese Ambassador in Zambia, Yang Louming negates this horrible statement and indicates that local newspapers spread a rumor that the Chinese used human flesh and sold it as beef in Africa. This is just a malicious gossip, and it is completely unacceptable for them. They hereby express their biggest anger and condemnation over such an act. ”
He also claims that these reports focused on the disruption of good relations between Zambia and China.

Police conducted an investigation, but in the meantime, it is established that the photos are posted on Facebook creates images from video games which are further processed in Photoshop.

The offending user of Facebook wrote:
“The Chinese have sold a dead human body instead of beef and sent it to Africa. Please avoid beef regardless of the brand. ”
However, the Web site put an end to this whole saga uncovering the truth behind these images, and it turns out it is not that scary as it looks. According to their findings, it was part of the marketing for the video game Resident Evil 6 from 2012.  Pictures actually show the dead that had been made during the recording commercials in London’s Smithfield market. Despite the fact that it turned out that the information was false, though the Chinese ambassador urged the government of Zambia to investigate and the Ministry of Defense of Zambia apologized for the behavior of their country.