In theaters these days you can see a film about the most famous first lady Jackie Kennedy who was the darling of the nation and a great role model for women, not only in America but around the world. Jackie has always had a reputation for refined lady, lovely and beautiful woman. She is known for her moderate style, elegant dress, and beauty. Her style is still ringing in fashion trends and her name has become a symbol of timeless femininity, impeccable taste, and inner strength.

She was born on 28 July 1928 as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in Southampton, NY. It could be said that from the first day grown up as an aristocrat given how influential and respected were members of her family.
Many regard her as the most beautiful American woman in the 60’s, though she was not a classic beauty. She only knew how to emphasize what she had: big eyes, subtle figure (it was 173 cm high), a beautiful smile and a fascinating personality.
She grew up riding horses and attending the best private school and leading a glamorous life. For a while, she worked as a journalist and editor of the Washington Times-Herald.

Designer Oleg Cassini called her “geometric goddess”. He created and her dress for the inauguration in 1961. This duo has completely succeeded in creating a perfect image of the first lady and the nation was fascinated; Jackie has become a role model for all people and inimitable style.

Jackie has most enjoyed the “Chanel” blazers, bell-shaped skirts, cigarette pants, brooches, cashmere, and satin. Sometimes she wore fur and skateboards. Mostly she was dressed in monochrome natural and neutral tones, although she loved the orange and pink.

Large sunglasses were her trademark. She worn jewelry only on special occasions, and never blindly follow trends. On the contrary; imposed them itself. She personally edited and the entire interior of the White House

Find out how she took cared for herself and what represented natural beauty for her:

  1. Soap with ingredients from the Black Sea

Products with these ingredients are very expensive but they are rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
Fine particles of salt residue from the Black Sea do perfectly gentle exfoliation for your skin, without destroying the natural fat of the skin that it needs.

  1. She nourished her hair with oil
    The hair was her trademark but due to constant stylizing, it requires special treatment care.
    Stylists had recommended to Jackie that the oil maintains and moisturizes damaged hair ends, and her favorite was a lavender oil.
  2. Less is more
    The only makeup that Jackie Kennedy used every day was bright, light, liquid powder, which covered the stains from her holiday in the French and Greece.
    With no more additional makeup always she acted natural and youthful.
  3. Fragrance with signature
    Favorite perfume Jackie Kennedy was “Lovely Patchouli 55 ‘from the French luxury perfumery Krieger established in 1879.
    Those are scents of amber, bergamot, patchouli and leather.
  4. Stylized eyebrows
    Her style was dense, strong and dark eyebrows that every day she nourished and which were always in perfect order, making us even a little bit is not surprising considering that it is known for her perfectionism.
  5. Luxury Face Cream
    Her face was always nice and neat, but Jackie was the biggest problem was her vice of – smoking, which was destroying her face.
    Therefore, a lot of money were given for the quality of face cream.
  6. Lipstick as accessory
    One of the most famous ladies was famous to the world for using very little makeup, but she hasn’t shied away from bright lipstick.
    She loved to align the lip color with shades of what wears.
  7. The art of everyday life
    There are days when you just feel like you don’t want to do anything, at least not make-up, hairdressing and so on, but that’s no reason not to look formidable.
    Jackie hid her wild hair and covered her face in big black glasses, all with a smile when she had some of those days.

Whatever that people was seeing her throughout life – as a tragic heroine, fashion icon, inscrutable Sphinx – Jackie has eventually emphasized herself as a woman who was bit careers, leaving behind an impressive number of published books.

She found her professional refuge in the world of publishing. More than 100 titles published, together with her private records, probably the closest you can get to her heart and endlessly curious mind.

The most famous first lady is proof that beauty is the charm and naturalness, and not in ‘colorful’ face and plastic surgery. Follow her example.