Urine found in the packaging factory in Lisburn, and the company claims that it is investigating the case.

Shocking news comes from Coca-Cola factory in Lisburn,in Northen Ireland that they have stopped their production after human waste was found in cans.

Factory, located in Lisburn is responsible for receiving empty and open cans. Here they are filled with soda before they are sealed and shipped throughout Northern Ireland.

Last month, workers from the night shift were disrupted after a container of cans clogged the machines. Containers of cans arrived from Germany and a number of them were filed with human feces.

Employees were shocked to get a can filled with something completely different.

BBC reports that police were called to investigate this incident after this contaminated shipment was reported and they are conducting a through investigation.

A source from the factory revealed for the Belfast Telegraph that the whole situation was horrendous and the machines were shut down for more than 15 hours to be cleaned. Canes normally come from some place in the UK, but now they were from Germany.

It is said that maybe some immigrants were illegally crossing the border by the same truck which carried the cans. They have probably been forced to use cans for toilets – says a source from the company.

Coca-Cola issued a press release for Belfast Telegraph,  stating that the contamination was “an isolated case” and didn’t affect the products that are on sale.

Coca-Cola spokesman said that all cans confiscated and that there is no possibility to be on the market.

– The problem was instantly identified by our numerous procedures to ensure the quality of all the products in question have been immediately removed and will not be released for sale. We treat this matter extremely seriously and we will conduct a thorough investigation in cooperation with the Police Service of Northern Ireland – said in a statement.

The Food Standards Agency said its informed of contamination and the incident is “subject to investigation”.

Alliance councilor Amanda Grehan was one of the officials who were shattered to find the appalling truth. In her interview for the Telegraph, Grehan asserted her opinion over the affair. That’s really shocking, and if the drinks cans were to get out into shops then it could be extremely dangerous for people,” the councilor said.