When we get sick, whether is something serious or a simple cold, we often take medicines to relieve us from the discomfort.  However, the drugs can bring us more harm than good.

This listing was brought to us by the largest independent portal of unallied labs that the millions of people follow it, and which until now is the only one who had brought to light the pharmaceutical industry by the end!

A lot of medicines are produced in laboratories with chemicals and they are very experimental, or even worse, there are “drugs that have never been tested on humans.
‘People are guinea pigs, both in America and in the world’ says Natural News, adding that thanks to that fact, the pharmaceutical industry maintains billion of its profits.


How did this happen? The answer is uncomplicated. After World War II the Nazi scientists after prison, fresh and rested were inserted into the system to work on drugs, vaccines, chemotherapy, the chemical additives, and water … .in order to create the most insidious business in the country.
Believed or not this isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact that anyone can acknowledge.

The horror that occurred during the Holocaust continued, but to a lesser extent, and in more insidious and small steps. Today, millions of innocent people die from the disease though the medicine has never been more developed, and it seems to have a cure for everything.

In reality, the truth is that they don’t treat anybody but only created and deepened the disease to endure the treatment and to continue filling pockets of pharmacy. In other words, it goes on Natural News, pharmacists sowed “seeds of evil” called a drug by the FDA.

Many of the ‘mad’ scientists who tortured people during the Holocaust, and who are employed in institutions and is now promoting what we now call ‘Western medicine’, which seeks to create the disease and treat the symptoms of profit.

Furthermore, the Natural News states 7 most dangerous drug on the planet Earth and called it – WAR AGAINST BAD.

  1. Antibiotics – They destroy good intestinal bacteria and thereby weaken the immune system. The doctors inappropriately prescribe antibiotics for profit and for viral infections which deepen the danger.
  2. Chemotherapy – destroys the immune system, and often leads to the formation of new cancer. Nazi scientists knew that already in 1950 that chemotherapy kills cancer for a short time, but it returns to the other part of the body even more devastating. People die in torment, but Western medicine calls this ‘successful’ treatment.
  3. Vaccine poly- indisputable, frightening fact is that millions of humans via this vaccine are injected with cancer viruses. In addition, these vaccines are spread polio in India and left many children paralyzed for life. Plenty of lawsuits have been filed, but who gives a damn for India, right?
  4. SSRI – highly experimental, it has never been proven its safety and efficacy, and can completely block serotonin, which leads to thoughts of suicide, and even murder.
  5. Flu vaccine: Contains mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and aluminum. It can cause abortion and kill a child!
  6. MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) – linked to the cause of autism and other disorders of the central nervous system. Health problems occur when living measles virus comes into the body. Then the immune system is endangered, and the other components of the vaccine such as GMO ingredients attacking a child and causing permanent and sometimes fatal consequences.
  7. The vaccine against HPV: Known for leading young people to anaphylactic shock and coma. More than thousands of families have pressed charges against the manufacturers and have now received millions of dollars due to chronic and irreversible damage to health!