Gray hair is usually considered a sign of aging. The truth is that aging usually leads to the appearance of gray hair, but it is a natural process that begins even at a young age. For our hair color, we have thanks to the pigments in the hair root. The loss of melanin in the hair root and leads to loss of color. There are various reasons for the early grey hair including smoking, genetic factors, anemia and stressful events.

A large number of young people suffer from premature aging and fairly it makes them uncomfortable because of that. The fastest and easiest way of solving this problem is to dye it, but harmful chemicals known to cause permanent damage to the hair.
The gray hair is waiting for each of us – some earlier, some later, it all depends on how much we stress ourselves and what is our genetics. Therefore, make your own natural resources that will stop this process and restore luster and color of your hair. For most people, after 35 years it begins to reduce the creation of a substance that gives color (pigment) pieces. The process of discoloration begins on strands of regions temples to others parts of the head that would eventually pigment will completely have ceased to be produced. As a consequence, hair and age completely lost the fight – it is seated. However, this process can significantly slow down. With the intake of foods that stimulate the production of pigment, there are preparations that you can make them, and with their usage will eventually restore your hair color and shine.
Do you want to act like someone who is very old? We will assume that the answer is a big NO!
Why is the hair turning grey?

Most often gray hair is associated with age-related changes in the whole organism. However, it is possible to premature appearance of gray hair or can happen occurrence of gray hair in a little white tuft or less. In most cases, the earlier appearance of gray hair is due to genetics. In general, the reason is a stressful way of life, which most people leads. In the case of premature appearance of gray hair have great influence the glands with internal secretion, and this above all – thyroid and gonads. Of great importance are the nervous derangement and mental unrest. Many want to escape from gray hair, but it is practically impossible. In old age will certainly get whitened hair, and only a few lucky will retain dye pigment hair and in old age.
Food against gray hair

How hair would not turn grey, it is necessary to practice the nutrient that stimulates the internal organs, mainly kidneys and adrenal glands. The diet should include sesame, black beans, and seaweed. These products are generally recommended for the elderly but are useful to young people because they supply the body with plant protein, calcium and vitamins B group, as well as essential trace elements, such as copper and selenium. The lack of these substances in the body affects the earlier appearance of gray hair.

Here are 7 natural remedies that you can use to get rid of gray hair.

1. Remove dandruff
Different researching have shown that dandruff can cause gray hair. Use lemon juice to clean the skin of the head – this is an efficient way to get rid of dandruff, which may help in removing the gray hairs.

2. Chamomile and hay
A mixture of chamomile and hay can be used as a treatment for gray hair. Stir equal parts of chamomile and hay powder in a bowl. Pour the boiling water to make a thicker batter, then add a tablespoon of vinegar. When the mixture has cooled, apply it on hair. Leave for about 20 minutes, then rinse with fresh water.

3. Gooseberry
Gooseberry is considered one of the best foods against gray hair and a common ingredient in a variety of shampoos and hair dyes. Cut the gooseberries and allow it to dry in the sun. Then mash them well to get powder and add it in coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the scalp and leave on for about 15 minutes. Repeat this routine until gray hairs disappear.

4. Eat foods rich in iron
Lack of iron in the diet can cause premature hair graying. Iron from food intake helps in the production of melanin in the skin of the head, which leads to hair growth with its natural color. Sea branch is rich in iron, as well as green vegetables like kale and spinach.

5. Avoid stress
Studies have shown that people who are often under stress have a greater risk to get grey hair earlier than others. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, laugh, hang out with people who make you feel good, meditate – all these are effective ways to relieve stress.

6. Curry leaves
The leaves of curry are rich in nutrients that we need to preserve the natural color of hair. The leaves of curry you can include in the diet, and with it massage the scalp. When we talk about this second option, add curry leaves in coconut oil and heat it. Allow to cool, and then apply the oil on the scalp to get darker hair.

7. Black tea
Massage mixture of black tea and salt can be used against gray hair. In half a cup of black tea pour a tablespoon of salt. When you have thoroughly mixed them, rub into the scalp and leave on for about half an hour, and then normally wash your hair with shampoo.
And now we recommend recipes that can help you avoid early appearance of gray hair:


  1. Cherry juiceFresh homemade cherry juice will delay the creation of gray hair. To be effective, it needs 40 to 60 minutes before shampooing to rub in hair roots.

    2. Tincture of ginseng root

    One teaspoon of chopped root ginseng pour in a half a liter of vodka and homemade brandy. Allow it to stand in a dark place for 10 days. Over the month take in the morning on an empty stomach 1 teaspoon 30 minutes before eating. It should be noted that this tincture raises blood pressure.

    3. Beverage from pomegranate

    Take 6 spoons of Rosehip and pour it 4-5 glasses of boiling water and allowed to stand for 30 minutes. Then cook for 5 minutes, and then let it sit for an hour. Drink  200 ml 3 times a day and rub into the scalp daily.

    4. Nettle

    It takes half a liter of apple or alcoholic vinegar, half a liter of water and 50 grams of nettle. Leave nettle submerged in the vinegar and water for about an hour, and then on low heat cook for about 30 minutes. Chilled and filtered beverage, rub into the scalp every night. This remedy for gray hair lasts for two to three weeks.

    5. Burdock root and fennel seeds

    For the preparation of the necessary essence you need 2 tablespoons fennel seeds and 2 tablespoons of burdock root. Pour half a liter of boiling water and allowed to stand for 2-3 hours. Then strain and rub into the scalp every morning and evening. This remedy against gray hair lasts 2 or 3 months.

6. Butter

Natural butter, made from cow’s milk, contributes, preventing premature aging of the hair and skin. It takes daily usage of butter in the diet and twice a week massaging it into the roots of the hair before washing.

7. Cayenne pepper

Take 6 pieces of dried red peppers, put them in a dark glass jar, pour half a liter of vodka and homemade brandy and leave to stand in a dark place for three weeks. Teaspoon of tincture obtained rub the hair roots once a day before brushing. Remedy lasts 2 weeks. This recipe helps to return gray hair the old color.