The greatest success in life is the feeling that you have really lived. Do you feel as if you have seen everything, done everything, and that no day was not spent in vain? Life can be full of family and friends that you meet, the people you know and love, but also the amazing places you’ve visited. We are going to show you 11 places that will take your breath away and forever remain engraved in your memory.

  1. Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt

Hardly will you find anything more fascinating than the pyramids of Egypt, one of the greatest wonders of the world and a real jewel of Egypt. On this holy place where the rest Pharaohs lived to admire the Sphinx and Cheops pyramid and develop his own theory of how they were built. While visiting Egypt, go on a cruise down the Nile and discover the magic of this mystical land.

2.  Underwater waterfall in Mauritius

The island of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean at about 2,000 kilometers from the coast of Africa.

It boasts beautiful, white beaches, it also is a phenomenal illusion underwater waterfall. Ocean currents eventually they “get along” with the sand coast of Mauritius, creating a cascade or reservoir, which creates the appearance of run-off water in the middle of the ocean.

Impressive spell is due to the currents through the sand and sludge, and the view from the air can especially breathtaking experience.

3. Taj Mahal, India

Although there mausoleum, this marble, is presented as a jewel of India. It was made almost four centuries by the former Indian emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his deceased wife. The building itself represents a miracle, and the gardens that surround it are beautiful. India is a magical country, and certainly deserves to visit, and the Taj Mahal cannot be bypassed.

4. Sea star, Maldives

If you think that you are dreaming while you walk sea star, you will be forgiven, because this is really an amazing sight. For this fantastic phenomenon that looks like the sky fell into the sea, marine species of microbes that live in the water and emit bluish glow are guilty of this phytoplankton.

5. The island of Bora Bora

Bora Bora – tropical island in French Polynesia, which is consisted of 118 islands grouped into 5 groups. This is a paradise on Earth and place for total relaxation.

6. Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

While enjoying a quiet and slow navigation through Waitomo caves in New Zealand, with good reasons you might think you’re outside and watch the starry vault.

Bright generate thousands of light emitting worms (Arachnocampa luminosa) that are found only in New Zealand.

7. Machu Picchu, Peru

Located at 2,430 meters above sea level, Machu Picchu is a place of breathtaking and rightfully one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The mysterious city was the center of the Inca civilization in the 15th century.

The town itself is fascinating, but if you are looking for additional adventure and a chance to get to know the culture and history of this ancient nation, then go on a walking tour of the Inca Trail. The hiking the Inca takes between three to five days and it was an unforgettable experience that takes you through the jungle and high mountain peaks to Machu Picchu.

8. Great Wall, China

Great Wall of China is the largest building in the world. It stretches from the steppes of Central Asia to the Yellow Sea, a total length of 8,851 kilometers (the main part of the 2,450 kilometers), height of 10-16 meters, a width of 8 meters, is the longest wall in the world, and the largest defense facility. Star is about 2000 years old, is a place that you must see before you die.

9. Stonehenge, Britain

Stonehenge (Stonehenge) is the most famous prehistoric monument in Europe of which are heard around the world because of its beauty and mystery that surrounds it.

To this day, it was not established how and why this giant stone circle is made.

Many legends circulate some of which are associated with King Arthur, teleport, and even with alien interaction. In any case, all who visit Stonehenge say they have felt the presence of some higher power as they stood in a circle.

10. Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Keukenhof is the largest garden in the world and certainly one of the most beautiful. It contains more than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, which are planted on a land area of about 32 000 square meters. While you enjoy a stroll garden, there are gardeners that are available to give you advice on cultivating flowers. In the garden there are numerous restaurants and bars, but also have the option to rent a bike or take a boat ride.

11. The Louvre Museum, France

The Louvre Museum (Musée du Louvre), located in Paris, is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world. The museum building, a former royal palace is located in the center of Paris, on the banks of the River Seine.