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Beauty is elusive and delicate, subtle light that pervades our senses. The magic is in the fact that we can be aware of the world around us only when we discover ourselves from the inside. Through careful care of your body you can achieve integrity and balance and allow light to splendor through you and shine on others. Even in spite of the great differences in ideals and criteria of beauty in different continents and cultures, what is common to all is that the balance of the source of beauty and good health is certainly what allows it to bloom.

It is a frequent English phrase to say that beauty is in the eyes of the observer, but maybe it is more correct to say that beauty is in the geography, as cultural standards of beauty vary remarkably by locality. It is fascinating that the local surroundings seem to play a significant role in what is consider as beautiful.


The Far East

Expert consultant Tomoko Tanuma (Tokyo, Japan) is a practitioner of acupuncture and Moxibustion and masseur-therapist. She studied psychology, philosophy and fine arts and is a member of the Japan Society for advice on infertility.

By Oriental traditions we have in the body more than twenty meridians, or energy channels associated with the internal organs. We should note also that many of Meridian are related to the digestive organs which are of great importance for achieving inner balance, and thus beauty. The system is essentially a very simple and logical: when a digestive organ function improperly the food we ate it remains in the body at a temperature of 37 ° C and continue to spoil. Products of that poorly digested food is heated and climb up through the meridians to face. The result is, of course, a bad complexion that we can solve only with a holistic approach to the body. As we age, our inner state is more clearly reflected in the body.

Inner peace and balance allow us to quickly and efficiently react when is necessary. Practicing tai chi and qi gong helps to release energy in the body but also to enable it to receive energy from outside. Also, centuries of tradition leave us in legacy a series of movements that help certain organs or parts of the body so that in the event of injury or illness it can remain in balance. In Eastern traditions there is a connection between beauty and inner peace and harmony, which can explain the links between emotions and our bodies. For example, if different therapies treat the liver, at the same time affects the rage, so anger and frustration are being liberated from the body or from the soul.

“Eastern therapies with each changing season have specific access to the body because it is important to harmonize with nature. For example, in the autumn temperatures are lower and the air becomes drier, and our lungs and mucous membranes have to adapt to this situation. Thus, in the East are treated organs of breathing to help the body facilitate the transition in the fall and that due to colds and allergies not to lose its balance, “says Tomoko. During the fall and winter it is important to keep the heat to the lower body, stomach and feet, so that energy could free flows through the meridians of them many just goes from the feet upward.

Japanese treatment of the face and scalp

The treatment works on the tension in the head, stress relief, pain in the shoulder / neck, lifting anti-wrinkle, reduces / resolve problems with the eyes, jaw joint, circulatory face / scalp, depression … The treatment includes: facial and upper back and neck massage that is done with hands while face and scalp is performed with a metal rod – Teishin (titanium rod).

Makeup and Skin Care

“We can play with makeup as Japanese women  do, which is not used to cover the flaws, but as a tool for tracking and highlighting fashion trends,” advises Svetlana Sremčević, make-up artist. “Japanese women most care about complexion and from an early age they learn all about embellishment, and with makeup most they prominent eyes and eyebrows.”



Professional adviser p. Anil Kumar is a doctor of Ayurveda medicine and surgery and general manager in Healing Veda Health Solutions, a consultant and Ayurveda, spa and wellness coach.
Traditional Vedic knowledge of medicine – Ayurveda treat the body as a whole rather than as a collection of parts. According to Ayurveda teachings of the only living part of ourselves is atma i.e. soul. Everything that manifests on the physical level is actually an expression of the soul that is reflected through the body. Feelings in ATMA will also reflect on our face or body and will communicate through our senses. Health means to achieve and maintain harmony between all elements of the body: “Ayurveda teaches that harmony between the sense organs, mind and malas (waste products) leads to general well-being and health. But this is not just about the physical process. Every time our system is missing something or has something too much, then there is an imbalance, “says Dr. Kumar. The basis of the traditional approach to health is to compensate up for what it lacks or to soothe what it has too much.

Ayurveda advises Swasthavritta system (a science of Health, which prescribes the theory, and practice of the maintenance of public and private health. Swasthavritta in Ayurveda means maintenance of the health of an individual) with a series of instructions to be followed in order to support their health. Many things we do wrong because we do not take care: “I often drink cold water in summer while Ayurveda advises that during the summer and during the winter we should drinking warm or lukewarm water. The goal is to stabilize the thermal system of the body so that it can function normally.” To minimize stress, Ayurveda advises deep meditation and yoga practice. In Ayurveda, the good life really means to live life in harmony. The balance can be found through practice of eight limbs of yoga as well as adhering to the elaborate traditional Ayurveda system.

Ayurveda massage – Pinda Sweda

Full Ayurveda system is based on the concept that refers to three types of energy (tridosha) that are the basis of psychosomatic existence of man. The three doshas are responsible for regulating the balance of energy and matter in our body: when they are in line, we cannot notice them and we feel good about ourselves. If there is an imbalance, doshas become visible and there is a change in the physical appearance, there are mucus, bile, odors, emotional blockage, sudden outbursts of emotion …

Ayurveda massage techniques (there are over 2000 different techniques) allow us to return ourselves and receive a message that our body sends. Massage i.e. lymphatic drainage is performed Pinda Sweda. Pinda (linen bags filled with a mixture of spices and herbs) that are used for tamping and energy massaging the whole body. The goal of massage is to balance energy centers that serve as energizing. Lymphatic drainage pindas have beneficial effect on the entire organism. Is achieved by relaxation and treatment at all levels, as well as the intense heating of the body and it raises the vital energy.

Makeup and Skin Care

“Indian women are characterized by intense makeup. To them it is important that the colors fit with wardrobe and that every part of the face make-up precise and sharp lines,” says Svetlana Sremčević, make-up artist.

South America



Expert consultant Pratiti Meunier was born in Chile and she is practitioner of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, Bach drops and masseuse therapist for Globwel holistic and rasayana abhyanga ayurvedic massage.

External beauty only to some extent may suffer neglect that we have towards our interior as if in a proper manner we don’t relax our blockades and stress and if we do not give ourselves time to rest and relax, this external facade will just fall off. One recommendation is meditation as a way to restore inner balance and establish good health. Meditation directs us to be present in the present moment, to be aware of what is happening around us and most of all to be aware of what is going on in us. In this way we become more aware and our entire being and even the body which we then still intuitively directed to things that are good for us: a healthier diet, exercise, rest and various types of holistic therapies that will allow us to feed the body. The very first contact with the world we achieve through our body as well as massages and holistic therapies can help us to become more aware of the body and to achieve the inner harmony.

As an excellent preparation for the change of seasons that we expected, Pratiti recommended detoxification of the body through the use of special diets or through fasting, which must be designed for our body type. Detox can cover and body treatments to help the body throughout the excess liquid, and to clean the skin of accumulated dead cells while simultaneously stimulating skin lipids that make it possible to shine and regain hydration.
As the harmony is integral part of life it is important to establish and enable self-healing processes in the body.

Pratiti reveals to us how to follow path of balance: “It would be good if we could, for a start, really understand that we are perfect as we are. For true and deep understanding of the concept a large tension will leave our field. Gratitude is also important because it allows us to attract in life even more things on which we will be grateful. Taking care about the health of and body is important because it helps our soul to live out important experience and thus it can blossom, grow and shine. ”

The treatment based on cocoa extracts for stressed out skin (for dehydrated skin)

Caring, nourishing and protective effects of cocoa extract is the reason for the frequent use of chocolate in cosmetology. Antioxidants (theobromine, tannin) contained in cocoa have a positive effect on blood circulation and purification of blood vessels. In addition, the chocolate works to stimulate the production of endorphins, which works against pain, as well as the creation of serotonin therefore affects mood and therefore this type of treatment has a particularly intense effect in cases of increased stress which certainly works in a weakened skin tone that remains dull and energy.

Makeup and Skin Care

Svetlana Sremčevića, make-up artist, advises: “Latino girls love beauty make-up, and their goal is to reach as many embellishing effect but in a natural way, with the help of bronze tones and emphasizing the sensual lips. They teach us that the makeup is enjoyment and a reflection of the character. “