Immunization, also known as vaccinations is believed that are used only for small children. But, that is not true. During the lifetime, adults need vaccines to either childhood immunity boost, to prevent many infections from travel, or work, or some disease conditions. Depending on where a person has lived in the world, they have may have been exposed to some diseases that citizen who lives all their lives in Canada will not have been exposed to them and their health would not likely to have immunity for. Some professions, such as working in health care, also require regular health control and vaccinations in order to prevent of people around them not be infected as well at work. As well, some immunizations decrease in strength over time and require “boosters” to ensure that they are still effective. Every visit to a health-care practitioner is an opportunity to review and update your immunization status.


The United States has the safest and most effective supply of vaccines in history and in most cases, the vaccine does not cause side effects, they can occur, as in the case of any other drug, but these reactions are usually mild. Very, very rare, people have serious side effects, such as allergic reactions. Vaccines save lives by preventing many diseases – so begins a huge report of the US Agency for Health Research HRSA.

Most adults will have received childhood vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, measles, mumps, and rubella. Keeping the immunization record in a safe place and take it to examination and ensuring that vaccination is updated. If someone has no record and it is believed that may not have received a childhood series of these vaccines, it is needed to contact their health-care practitioner or doctor.


Women -specific Immunization Information

  • It is recommended a booster dose of whooping cough vaccine, called pertussis once in adulthood and is best given prior to pregnancy or immediately following the birth of the baby, because adults can get whooping cough and spread it to young infants who are most at risk of complications.
  • Measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines are given in a combined vaccine called MMR. Women are tested for rubella immunity in pregnancy by a blood test because rubella is a serious disease for the fetus and can cause malformations. If they are found not to be immune in pregnancy, they should be vaccinated with MMR vaccine immediately after the birth of the baby and before leaving the hospital.
  • Influenza (flu) vaccine is recommended for women who will be in their last trimester of pregnancy during influenza season, and it can be given during pregnancy. Members of households with children under age two should also be immunized to protect those children, including before the birth of a baby.

Vaccine is a Latin word and means – cow (vaca). Yes, it means cow – a domestic animal whose milk gladly we drink. How is this thing found as a term for what we now call the vaccine? Recall that vaccination (or immunization) means injecting diseased biological material (from cows, monkeys, pigs, rats, snakes and other animals), in to the human blood stream in order to activate the immune system and protect us from certain diseases.

On the official website of HRSA, which deals with compensation that the state compensates citizens due to the effects of vaccination, states a report in which it explicitly states that most people who receive the vaccine have no serious problems. Vaccines can cause side effects like any other drug, but most reactions are rare and very mild. Some health problems following vaccinations are not caused by vaccines, according to the first paragraph of the report. Program fees for the effects of vaccination is no alternative errors and traditional ways of solving problems. The explanation is that the National Program of compensating with reactions from the vaccine (VICP) institution that allows individuals to apply for compensation.

What it means? This does not necessarily mean that the vaccine caused a reaction. In fact, over 80 percent of all cash compensation that is done VICP result of the agreement between the parties in cases where the Ministry of Health, based on the evidence, it concluded that the vaccine didn’t cause the disease. Lawyers shall be awarded with reasonable compensation, regardless of whether he or the Court granted the lawsuit, if certain minimum requirements. Under these circumstances, the lawyers paid directly VICP. By statute, lawyers cannot charge any other fee for their services.

Why still there are so many people on social networks propagate the harmfulness of vaccines, especially the famous MMR which allegedly causes autism? No relevant research in the world did not connect this vaccine with disease, although there were cases in which this developmental disorder of communication and social interaction answer.

Each of the people who know this issue and know that these people who are in anti-vaccines lobby, are not educated, and that the various web sites allocate individual labels or shreds texts, which do not constitute the whole text.