We talk about it and how we can improve our health, acting on physical level – exercising, eating properly, adopting healthy lifestyle habits, etc..

But too little is said about the impact of mental and spiritual health of our physical condition.

Since ancient times it was believed that a person is a unique psycho-physical being and that there is a strong connection between body and soul, but it is only in the last century medically accepted that strong emotional experiences have a major impact on health. Contrary to the view that the cause of the disease is exclusively from organic nature, modern neurophysiological, psychological and sociological studies have confirmed that the disease is always the mental and physical nature, since the body disease changes the psyche of the patient, and that adverse psychological experiences may affect the health and the disease.

Did you know that your anger, concerns, fears are reflecting on the health of your kidneys, liver, lungs? Discover the secret connection between emotions and organs that are processing them.

The fact is that man is not just a physical being. Our body is made up of several levels – mental, emotional and spiritual level, which also affect our physical health.

We know very well how our mental state can affect our physical body.

For example, when we are very excited and preoccupied with an idea, finding it difficult to fall asleep, even though our bodies may be tired and in need of sleep.

And the opposite of that, when we’re bored, sleepy, no matter that we had a good sleep and that is our physical body is rested!

All diseases should be seen in the link between mental and organic factors, since one third of patients go to the doctor due to organic symptoms caused by emotional disturbance.



In balance does not mean no emotion

You have sore throat, high fever so you head to the office of the family doctor. Can you remember that once upon examination, the doctor asks if you have some emotions that we repress? The drug that many will not receive is the counsel to try do balance your energy and to consider whether you do well for yourself that you are constantly worried. The best treatment for you is one that is offered in the form of tablets and your promise that you will not have to drink cold drinks, as if your life depends only on it.

As a response to traditional medicine, alternative medicine offers a different approach to looking at the situation in the human body, and thus a different guise prevention and treatment. Alternative medicine follows the person as a whole body, mind and spirit, and traditional Chinese medicine explains how the connection between emotions and bodies works.

Emotion is energy flow which causes a rise in energy in a particular part of the body, depending on which emotion work. Happiness and well-being defined as a balance, and emotions such as fear, anger, depression as negative. There are many spiritual practices that are trying to lead you to a state of balance, but the insistence of the absence of emotions can confuse you. Condition of balance is actually the absence of negative emotion and awareness of the harmfulness of these emotions can help us more easily to solve them. However, it should not be equated with suppression of emotions.

What emotion is connected with which organ?

  • Anger and liver

what happens when you are angry – anger generates obstacles in our energy structure, particularly within the area of the liver. At that moment, the liver does not receive good energy so old and used energy is blocked and retains it. As if we inhaled the fresh air, and we’ve never exhaled. However, know this:  no matter how fresh the air is you must let it go.

Day after day, the liver slowly loses part of its function. Does that mean that anger should be ignore? No, because we cannot just delete the emotions. They arise as a result of our life. But if instead of being angry or repress anger, we choose to be very understanding and taking action as a result of that action, the negative energy will flow out of our body and back again in a harmonious state. So if you don’t enter into a state of hard feelings about anything, the anger will not even be created. Of course people who repress anger are easy to cause diseases related to the liver. Exhausted people and those who have a constant need for sleep, also have problems with the energy of the liver.


  • Grief and heart

Frequent grief or excessive, excitement lead to disturbances of the heart meridian. People can easily cry, or act gently, but that imbalances nothing is lighter than the imbalance of the liver. While crying is more acceptable behavior then anger, this two emotions are in equal measure harmful to the body. Grief or anxiety, according to Chinese medicine can cause imbalance in the lungs, which can further lead to an imbalance of energy to the heart. This imbalance can occur in the form of reticence, timidity, increased sweating and pale complexion. People that turns their behavior into a habit, risk to get heart disease, stomachache and throat ache.


  • Anxiety and asthma

Caring is one of the emotional reactions that are considered precious. But often confused the terms “care” with one ” anxiety ” and often stuck to that “worrying.” When anxiety is impaired lung meridian it is preventing receiving new fresh energy. Feelings that are associated with the problem of the meridian of the lungs, are also and suffering, lack of freedom or jealousy. If you suffer from asthma, allergies or problems of immunity, better start to address the concerns so that will solve the problems because of that worry.

  • Fear and kidneys
    Fear and depression are emotions that most damage the vital energy of the kidneys. Chinese call the kidneys “Door of Life” and rightfully. They give energy to all other systems in the organs as internal glands, ears, bones and reproductive system.If we surrender to these emotions, we risk memory problems. Healthy energy kidney generates commitment and willingness to change.
  • Indecisiveness and spleen

Startled, excessive complication or confusion, are reactions that we can hardly call them emotions are tie with unbalanced energy of the spleen. That organ provides energy for clear decision-making. If you often and too long resented revisit and alter the decision actually prevents the flow of energy of the spleen. The response we get from the body are stomach problems, digestion and skin problems.

Symptoms that bothers you, represents a form request and a warning of the body to change your points of view and behavior.


So, our spiritual condition directly affects not only the physical, but also mental health. Have you might have noticed how spiritual people radiate a special kind of energy and how often they do not have mental and emotional problems or are ill?

Such people can help not only themselves but also others. There are an awful lot of examples of spiritual healing – because it is spiritual energy so strong and superior to be without problems affect not only the physical, but also mental illness.

Although, such a spiritual healer, unfortunately, are always faced with skepticism and opposition by most of the population, which cannot accept the existence and activities of spiritual energy.

In scientific circles it certainly provokes skepticism – and really, how can we relive our physical body without the necessary vitamins and minerals? But if you are on a spiritual level, it can!