Every woman who uses make up wants to know what is in this season. The good news for the fan of colors: harbingers this spring will be striking shadows! Although, it’s not good news for those who are not accustomed to combining colors, there are also ways to put colorful eyeshadow and not to look to much conspicuously.



The color makeup should be in accordance with the color of complexion, hair, eye color, and clothing. Clothes in neutral colors such as white, beige, brown, gray and black may be worn by almost all women. In this case, makeup should be vivid in color. The slightest change in the color of makeup significantly change the overall appearance.


Effects of color on our mood
In addition of making us look more beautiful, colors that we use in make-up can stimulate our mood.

Colors act on all levels of our being, relieve blockages in the flow of energy, help us to release the emotional charge and bring us into balance.

We instinctively choose the color according to our emotional states, but also to the subconscious needs.

Introverted people often use cooler colors (blue or green), while extroverted usually choose bright colors – red, orange, pink …

Red is the color of optimism and vitality, evokes fire, movement. It is the color of the first chakra, the planets Mars and represents the passion and fight. It is full of life, love and in everyone awakens emotions.

Red color when it comes to make up is a classic. It suits very well to women who have brown eyes and hair.

Since colors affect all aspects of our lives, you should always strive for the representation of a large number of colors to be balanced.

The purple color rules with crown chakra and represents the color of spirituality, enlightenment, deep knowledge. It is often difficult to find it in nature; it is considered exotic. In combines blue and red colors of peace passions.

Pink is soft and feminine and stimulates harmony. As it is in harmony with the color of our skin, it works naturally and simply, feminine and calm.


Did you ever wonder what color shadow goes best with your eye color? Perhaps the same?

You’re wrong! When you apply a shadow in the same color as your eyes, they can rate and color iris does not come to the fore …

How do you find an ideal shade shadow for your eye color? Simply use the old trick of art – by using the color wheel!



Perhaps this sounds complicated, but trust us when we say that the word is not a hard to learn! Simply find your eye color on the wheel, and opposite of it, its complementary colors.

Precisely this complementary color will emphasize the beautiful color of your eyes. You must have read somewhere or seen, for example, green is best fit purple shades shadow, for brown eyes best fit are shades of a bluish.

However, this is not the only rule. This applies only to complementary colors, and in make-up, there are many different rules.

In addition, you’ll need to determine what exactly are the color of your eyes, you need to determine the specifics of these shades. Look into a mirror and observe the color of your eyes.

Pure colors include shades of monochrome eye. No influence of other colors, but the color is defined (pure white, pure blue, etc. …).

Dark colors include a pigmented shades, where the paint is almost blends into the black.

Translucent colors include shades of poor pigmentation of the eye, where it appears as if the color is “watered down”, almost white.

A dull color use a combination of two colors (dove gray, bluish-green, etc. …)

Blurred colors include rich palette of colors. Mostly drawn to yellowish tones, although there are impurities green.

Bright colors include clear, vibrant shades of green and blue.


Brown eyes

Let’s start with brown eyes. Brown eyes are the most rewarding when it comes to makeup, because in addition to their color match almost all shades of shadow. The brown belongs to neutrals colors and therefore the eyelid can put all of the blue to bronze shades so you can experiment with colors.


Blue eyes

Blue eyes belong to the group of cold shades, so if you have blue eyes it is best to apply shadows with warm tones such as bronze and brownish colors. Also, it would not be bad to use shadows with nacre that will give the eyes a special dose of warm.

However, if you want something a little stronger makeup, opt for silver smoky eye that contains plenty of shine.

The only rule is that you might need to follow is to avoid to put the shadows in bright colors in the middle of the eyelid, so as not to draw the attention away from your beautiful blue eyes.


Green eyes

Green eyes are one of the rarest colors on the planet. If you belong to a group of people with this shade, consider yourself special.

The most beautiful shades of shadows that “lay” with such an eye color are almost all shades of purple.

If you want a little “calmer” tones on her face, opt for brownish smoky eye with a little bronze-pearly shadow.

Do not be afraid to sometimes experiment with makeup, because it should also be fun. Explore the most beautiful shades that go well with your eyes and complexion, as it is best applied those shadows that will highlight the beauty of the eyes.


Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes will pop out with the most beautiful shade of green shadows


Gray eyes

Translucent gray eyes will emphasize the best combination of dark blue, turquoise and beige tones.